Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Trailer trash

I totally forgot to mention that I missed Idol last night. I was walking Shelby and Bo with R. Anyway, life will certainly go on. I did, however, manage to catch the last 30 minutes of Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. Ya know, she's really cute when she's all dressed up and has on her makeup face. But every picture I see of her in US Weekly, People, and random tabloids when she's in public just makes me think she's really nothing but white trash. That show just solidified those feelings. With the exception that I felt like I needed to take a deep cleansing shower after watching. Her song "Everytime" = good (shut up!). Telling the world you had sex three times in one day ON video camera = just gross.


ET said...

I was actually going to give "Chaotic" a spin last night since I never got to see any of the Jessica Simpson thingy (I don't even know the name of it), but we ended up going to H2G2 instead so I gave it a miss. Turns out I didn't miss much. I was able to catch the excerpt where Britney talks about having sex three times that day and yes, that is just lame. I then read a review on the show that actually used the word "Fuck" and said that the little "Britney and Kevin" love story has "expiration" written all over it. She is trailer trash -- just with a really nice trailer.

So more on this...LT and I were driving home (with boy child, just so he doesn't feel left out) and listening to "The 80s" on satellite radio and the song "Video Killed the Radio Star" came on. For those of you who are only 24, this was the first song ever played on Mtv. And it struck me that video killed more than the radio killed real talent. Now America watches "American Idol" and in order to get anywhere in music you don't need a voice or talent, just tits and ass. We watched the "second night" version tonight and quite frankly were not impressed with any of the three, although Bo has big ones for singing sans music. Carrie Underwood tried to sing the National Anthem (tape of her homecoming) and then sang a Roy Orbison song and not very well. Let's face it crew...she blows.

Rachel said...

I am just 24, but I did know about Video Killed the Radio Star. And you have to remember who's choosing the new talent...AMERICA! Suckage or not. And I like them both. Bo definitely does not have great T&A, though. Neither did Scott.

ET said...

Yes, but the T&A reference runs to music in general, not just to American Idol. That was just an example. I am pleased to know that, even at 24, you still know appropriate Mtv trivia. Now if only you had been around when Mtv really played MUSIC! Ahh...the good old days!

Bo is going to win American Idol. Just so you know. Hell, I may even call and vote.