Thursday, May 19, 2005

Los Cabos y Vote

Last night I went with BK to Los Cabos in the newish Riverwalk Crossing place. Now it may be that I was overly critical of the experience last night for a few reasons: headache, feeling like I needed to puke, cramps, sleep debt. Or maybe the experience really did suck. I always get a little scared of a new restaurant that opens and has crappy service, as this did. As needs to get better real quick like or they won't be around. It took us about, what BK, 5 minutes to even be asked for drinks? Neeway. Scott, our waiter, looked and acted like a California surfer dude. And I'm sure this is the first job he's ever had, so I'm willing to cut him a little slack. What was unforgivably funny, though, was when it was time to pay. BK's name is Brad; his credit card is masculine looking. Rachel's credit card is purple. We gave our waiter both of our credit cards and he came back 5 seconds later and asked, "So, how am I supposed to know whose card is which?" Hmm...let's see...Boy name on card goes with boy!!!! And although BK may have slight feminine qualities at times (and I mean that in the most endearing way), he would not be caught dead with a purple card. Genuine blonde moment for waiter boy.

I so totally hope I don't get screwed by what I did last night, though. BK and I had planned on going to Vegas mid-June. But the deal was that neither one of us could be in a relationship. And I am now. Or something that resembles one very closely. Or something. So we're not going now. I won't be a happy camper if this all blows up in my face and I end up with neither a boyfriend nor a vacation. Then again, I've got until December to do something with the vacation time.

Speaking of which, I'm going to hike the Grand Canyon next summer and possibly at Canyonlands National Park to the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers. With Daddy. And another random teacher that I know slightly from his school. We had reservations in June 2001 to do the GC, but icky things were happening to me at that time. I'm totally stoked about this, though. Anyone else wanna come?

I got this "State of Oklahoma voter registration address confirmation" card in the mail yesterday, as did BK, and they just make you fill in your name, birthday, and address for confirmation. asks for the state on there. I'm not fully aware of all of the rules about where one can and can't vote, but it just seems silly to ask for a state when I'm thinking your legal residence needs to be IN OK to vote here. But that's just me. government working for me.


ET said...

Rachel, are you sure this "State of Oklahoma voter registration address confirmation" is on the up and up? I have never received such a thing in the mail that required me to fill out my birthdate and whatnot and send it back in. You might look into could be a scam. Usually you just fill out a short form at your local tag agency and they take care of it and then in a few weeks you receive your Voter I.D. card in the mail.

As for B.K., I did not know you know who B.K. was personally. Is he the Brad of whom I am somewhat aware?

BKDotCom said...

Yup, The "B" is for Brad. :)
My alias is blown.

I thought the food was tasty enough.
I'm going to cut them a little slack on the service. Since they're local and don't have trained managers and employees to shuffle arround, etc.. gotta wing it a bit.

As far as the potential relationship vs vacation goes. Is there really any question? Take this unnammed fellow down to the Cherokee casino and have both.

Rachel said...

Umm...yeah. I think I might put Cherokee Casino in the same slot as I put Branson and Tunica: redneck vacations.

ET said...

Oh, I cannot TELL you the number of times my sister (one of them) has tried to get me to go to Branson. PULEASE! My conceptualization of Branson is a live version of those singing bears and whatever they are at Chuck E. Cheese. Scary! I will pass. I haven't even gotten worked up enough to go to Eureka Springs, and I hear that's at least quaint and antique-filled.

LT said...

Branson: Vegas for people without teeth.

Dennis Miller

ET said...

Dennis Miller: Branson lover. And asshole.