Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Pickin' my zits

Way to go to my 1st cousin Nelda's husband! Pulling a gun on a cop just ain't too smart of ye. You're lucky you aren't dead because of your idiot actions. I thought he was an idiot when you married him, ya know. Just divorce him already!
I went with my mentee on our first excursion. Taco Bell and Mickey's Bowling. I am such a great bowler that I should really consider joining a league. She scored 68 and I was 86 or so. I decided that I'm going to get her a French memo board and every week when we do our activities, we're going to take pictures. I'll develop them and give them to her the next week. This will make a nice little thing for her to look at in her room. It can be like a "collage of care". Both of her parents are losers. One is in jail. In fact, this mentoring program I'm involved in deals only with the chidlren of incarcerated people. This first round of pictures basically only shows the most unflattering view of my butt because we were bowling. Nice. We listened to music in the car. Can someone, preferably Maggie, tell me what the heck "Still tippin' on four fours" means??? I feel so white.
By the age of 24, most of my moderate teenage acne problems have disappeared. Not all of them, though. So, when a monster zit pops up anywhere, I put one of these on it before I go to bed. I know a dab of anything with benzoyl peroxide is really the way to go, but when I was in 10th grade I used that product twice and my face swelled up big time. I guess I'm either allergic/sensitive to benzoyl peroxide or something else used in conjunction with benzoyl peroxide products. I'm not going to flat out say that the zit stickers are bad. But all they really do is rip the zit off in the morning. I guess technically that is one way to get rid of it.


Mags said...

it's from a song. tippin' is like riding. as in a car. and on his tires (the "vogues" of the rap) he has 4 "fours," which are his rims. they're called that MAYBE because of their size, but far more likely, because they're older and the "four" refers to the year they were made (like '84). and later in the song when he says he's "packing four fours," he's referring to a .44 gun. did your mentee sing this for you? because it's not a very...um...child-friendly song.

Rachel said...

No, I actually have the song on my computer and when we were in the car it came on and I turned it after about 30 seconds. Even though I had no clue what the song was about, the video is definitely not child friendly. But it made me think of asking what the heck that meant. Your answer is better than the none Google was giving me.

BKDotCom said...

Try the Urban Dictionary. Yo.

Maggie's spot on.

Generally refers to 1984 model spoke wheels wrapped with Vogue brand tires.

Rachel said...

Your internet knowledge never fails to amaze me. Maybe you should do it for a living. :)