Monday, May 16, 2005

Voodoo grading & barf chicken

Yay me! I'm 13.5 pounds lighter than I was on my birthday, 12/27. This also means that I am seeing a tens digit on the scale that I haven't seen since around maybe 2001? I expect this to last all of 13.5 seconds.

By the power in voodoo grading, I ended up with a B in Jerk Professor's (see here and here) class. Brings the overall gpa from a 3.881 to a 3.861. Or actually a little higher since the crap financial accounting A hasn't been calculated into it.

I forgot to mention at the garage sale thing Sunday, there was this girl named Alaine (uh-lay-knee) who was vegetarian. I'm not sure I've ever met a vegetarian, but it is generally my assumption that the main reason a person would choose to be one would be the whole cruelty to animals thing. Not Alaine. Her reason? "Because animal waste is the number one pollutant of the waterstreams and I want to do my part to help out." She also mentioned loving her fur coat a few hours later. Interesting.

She also said something else that didn't quite set well with me. I've done zero Googling on this. She said that she's allergic to chicken. I'm fine with this so far. I asked what happened to her when she ate chicken and she said, "Since I lack the enzyme to digest chicken (although I've never heard of this, I can buy that part because I know the same is true of those with lactose intolerance) it sits in my stomach for about three weeks until I eat something that forces it on through, usually big raw vegetables. So basically I have salmonella for three weeks." was my understanding that food sat in the stomach for a few hours and then was forced on out. If that were not the case, wouldn't she also have a motility issue? And that wasn't mentioned. And I'm 99% sure that not all chickens even have salmonella. But I could be wrong on this whole thing. It just seemed a little on the odd side to me.
Song of the moment: Breathe (2 AM)- Anna Nalick

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Giselle said...

I just laughed so hard at that girl's story of why she can't eat chicken. Where do you find these people?