Friday, May 06, 2005

Sometimes I really hate myself!

Yay for my brother Geoffrey! He's the new president of National Junior Honor Society. I'm super proud of him. Maybe he can follow in his sister's footsteps and be pres of the "real" NHS in high school. He even beat out a really popular chick to get this spot, too.

I am SOOOO pissed off at myself right now! In my entire school career (Kinder to college!), I have made only 1 C on a report card/final grade, and it was only for a 9 weeks grade in 9th grade. And the semester grade was the only one that counted toward g.p.a. Then in college, I ended up with a 3.88 gpa, and I only earned only A's and B's. Earned the degree, on with life. Except this semester I took an online Business Communications course from my alma mater. It was taught by jerk professor and was a complete jerk off class. I literally devoted 15 minutes/week to this class to take the online multiple choice tests. Perfect on every assignment. I have no concrete reason why I even took this class. Well, maybe to accrue credit hours to renew my Oklahoma and Texas teaching certifications.

This was finals week. There was an online test to be taken and I was 99.9% sure it was to be taken by May 6th at 11:55 pm. I was a day off, May 5th. So naturally the link was gone when I tried to take it. I emailed him and asked why it was gone (not realizing I was a day late) and he replied, "Go back and read your instructions on when it was due." oops! Since it was worth 20% of my grade, I'm only assuming that even with the extra credit, I'll get a C in the class. And I have no one to blame but myself for reading the stupid email wrong. What really sucks is that I just railed on another loser student on LT's blog, hours before my ill-fated non test taking night.

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ET said...

Is he going to let you take it late with automatic point reduction? I would be shocked as hell to see an instructor take THAT hard a line (and thrilled, I think people get away with too much crap -- although in your case it WAS an honest mistake). If not, you could still get a B. And you already HAVE a job, so it's not like you are having to pedal your GPA to some unwitting employer.