Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Milk anyone?

Geoffrey is officially the president of National Junior Honor Society and Joshua is officially a member of NJHS. Big sis is proud.

I stumbled upon this short article on how to prevent disease if you go to a petting zoo. Check out suggestion #3: "Do not eat or drink unpasteurized dairy products." I'll grant you I have thought of a lot of wacky things to do in my life, but none have ever included sucking milk straight from a pig, pony, goat, or any other petting zoo animal. And I can't think of any other reason for them to include that suggestion. Yuck!

Having said that, I have been told that milk straight from a cow and chilled is some yummy goodness. Welcome to Oklahoma!


Chris A said...

If you pay me well. I will suck milk from a cow... But only once. And dont try to put a bull in front of me. I can tell the difference.


ET said...

Puts me in mind of a "Sex and the City" episode...but then, doesn't everything?

Which reminds me, I picked up a copy of Marie Claire yesterday on the way to Cleveland and it had an article "what's on their nightstand" and I am pleased to announce that I am not the ONLY girl who keeps every episode of SATC on DVD on her nightstand. They look nice, though...they're in a square glass Pottery Barn bowl all standing, then placed on a stack of books. I'm so weird.

Well, time to go milk the goat...

Rachel said...

A SATC episode? umm...sure. I have a really bad memory. However, unless you're referring to the
rabbit episode or Aidan's dog, I do not remember any animal lovin' episodes. Are you positive you're not mixing it up with some of those movies you wanted me to watch?

ET said...

Abso-fucking-lutely! It is the episode where Aidan and Carrie go to his "country" house and (having been once before and hating it) Carrie drags Samantha along. They endeavor to bake an apple pie, but discover they have no milk. Samantha asks the neighboring farmer ("Who's the farmer with the delts?") if she can borrow some...ends up milking the cow and squirting herself in the face, etc. Trust I may not know