Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Who WOULDN'T be that into ME? (3/3)

I walked to Hunter Park yesterday with Shelby and while making the big round circle, I got hit with a random flying golf club...in the crotch. I didn't think it was too bad at first, mainly because I was contending with a barking dog (kid who chucked it at me was over apologizing profusely) and everything down there was numb. Because of the numbness, I was able to make the walk back home. Didn't think too much of it. Woke up this morning barely able to walk and with certain things black, blue, and purple that should be...well...not those colors.
He called last night at 10:00 after a gig to tell me that he didn't want me thinking him a freak for finding my blog on my profile. I asked him how much of the blog he had read. Apparently whatever is on my front page, 15 past posts. Not sure he realizes there is more than that. I said, "Well, if you can read that and still be talking to me, that's a good thing." He replied, "Rachel, I'm a musician and I used to work at a hospital [in the ER during college], so I doubt there's much you could say that would shock me...you seem to be pretty non-judgemental about the things I've told you." True, but did you go out with people from the ER? I didn't think so!

Credit card fraud update: I still can't say enough about Discover Card. I got my requested statements since opening the card (just April 2004) in the mail today along with a letter Saturday saying my case was closed. Not really sure if that means they're going to forget about it or what. Anyway, I was wrong in the amount that was fraudulently charged. Here's what they charged up:

Walgreens Columbia, SC-$174.14
Walmart Supercenter Columbia (E), SC-$333.93
Yesterdays (restaurant) SC -$36.85
Shell Columbia, SC -$48.71

Total = $593.63

I'm putting my money on this jerkwad buying Viagra and these at Walgreens. Because only people with a tiny, non-functioning penis would do something like this, right? And...I worked at a pharmacy for a few months and got a kick out of that product. That's how I know about it.
Gosh, this post seems really catty and silly given the wonderful weekend I had. But whatever--I'll still post.

What was left out of he's just not that in you. Ahem. He's just not that into you if he only calls you when he knows you're not home. I also have a sneaking suspicion the person who did this to me about a month ago reads this, so let me tell you why this was a really crappy thing to do. Actually, no. Let me start off first by saying that I was never that into you. You seem like a nice guy and you have all of the qualities I'm looking for, but I was just never that into you. I'm sorry. Whew. Now that that is out, let's talk about the mixed messages you sent me that will drive your dream girl away in the future:
  • You would only call my landline. The only time you ever tried my cell was when you couldn't find my apartment.
  • You know I don't get off work until 5:00. You would consistently call me after you got off work but conveniently right before I did and leave a message on my machine. Your messages would say, "I'm just wondering how you are doing, sweetie. Call me back." I'm alive and quite happy. Good enough?
  • You would call during my accounting class. I know you knew when I was in class.
  • You would call and leave a detailed message about when I was supposed to call you and make excuses for why you couldn't call me at that specific time. I don't think so.
  • You didn't even attempt to kiss me. Ever. I totally took that for what it was: not being into each other. However, most females will generally take this as "oh how cute, he's taking things really really really slow." Perfectly fine with me because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have let you. Or if I did, it would be obvious that it wasn't enjoyed (think: scrunched up nose, furrowed brow, stiff lips).
  • This missing each other's calls thing went on for about 3 weeks. And when I did manage to pick up the phone with you on the other end and we talked for like 30 minutes, you actually suggested we go to a really nice (I'm told) restaurant in Tulsa. And when I responded, "only if I pay for my own meal and if it's as friends because let's face it, we're not really into each other," you had the nerve to act shocked. You said, "Gosh, that's a major disappointment because you're amazing." Yeah, I know I am, but GAG me! I'm so amazing to you that you can't even pick up your phone and call my cell phone after trying to call my landline? So amazing that you never did follow through on that thing you were supposed to email me? So amazing that you never tried to kiss me or even hold my hand? Coulda fooled me!

I'm only saying this because you probably are a nice guy, just not for me. And I find it disturbing that you would either lie about how much you were or were not into me OR if you really were into me, that you would treat someone this crappily. I have a feeling that the only reason you continued to call me and date me as long as you did was because you were trying to slowly sever things. I have no idea why you wanted to go out again. I find that odd. I know your job is stressful because I was IN your job last year. Just promise yourself that when you DO find someone else that you think is "completely amazing," don't do these things to her. Because if she's anything like me ("amazing" and what else did you say during one date? It was something a little too close to, "would make a good wife"), she'll see right through excuses and you'll lose her. And if you guys really were quite into each other, that would be no less than a tragedy.


ET said...

NB to new prospective dates! LOOK OUT! Okay, question: is there a subject/person jump from paragraph one to paragraph two? And why won't my blog ever let me hit "return" and skip a line?

Oh, and maybe the "not that into you" guy just didn't have any... er...thingies. Or he was narcissistic personality disorder.

Rachel said...

Yes, guy at Hunter Park and the "he" I refer to in paragraph #2 are not one in the same. Don't know park guy's name, while p #2 refers to Doug. :)

Why won't your blog let you hit return and skip a line? Because you don't know what you're doing? I have no idea. BK would be better equipped with that question, so we'll see what he has to say if he comes back to read.

And, once again, notice I did not mention a name on who did that to me. Although, if you knew me, if would be pretty obvious who it was. I would never write the person's name if it was someone I knew semi-well and the post was bad. Only people I know not at all (like "rubbers") are subject to their names being splashed all ova de net.

Are thingies balls? What are we talking about here?

ET said...

Thingies = balls, yes.