Saturday, May 21, 2005

The View from the Top

Aveda's Volumizing Tonic makes my hair feel really smooth and soft. It also makes my hair smell like pee. Can't have nice things, I guess.

So, I was having some dream about poisonous snakes last night. In the dream, a snake started crawling up my pant leg. To avoid getting bitten, I kicked it out. I woke up with my leg kicking and me yelling in a mumbly voice "get out." It was one of the only times in my life when I woke up and thought "I am so glad a human is not slepeing next to me." Only because it would have been embarrassing.

About a month ago, BK introduced me to Google maps. The cool thing about this site is that there are close up satellite views of most of the US. And they're within 6 months or so old. I can tell because of certain construction projects going on and whatnot. So, I decide to find my parents' house. Here it is:

Even from a satellite, you can see how much the house sticks out from the rest of the houses on the block. That's a fence in the backyard extension sticking out on the right. And that white thing? That's the camper. And if you look real close you can almost see that the roof is shinier because it's metal and not shingle. Yup, they have THE house on the block/town. But I still love them. Lots!


ET said...

Satellite views of any house of your me this seems hugely scary. I don't really want people zeroing in on my house, knowing what I do or don't have in my backyard (which is a lot less since someone came over the fence to STEAL what WAS there!), and just knowing where I am in general. (Maybe that's how they found/stole your trampoline thing?) Then again, I don't think they should publish how to make crack or bombs online or in the local libraries, so maybe that's just me.

P.S. - You must be having a good time with Mr. Wonderful since you haven't posted ANYTHING on my blog in two days AND I have not seen you online. ;)

P.P.S. - May I suggest that you not use anything on your hair that smells like pee? Especially at Aveda prices. Talk to me.

Rachel said...

The whole "Big Brother" conspiracy thing doesn't really freak me out too much. I mean, what are they going to see me do? Walk around my house nekkid? Eat Cheetos? I believe it is fairly common knowledge that my parents had a trampoline because we originally got it when I was 11.

re: P.S.- Maybe your blog doesn't have anything worth commenting on the last two days? Or...maybe you're dead on.

re: P.P.S. - Pee product was a freebie. I was just sayin'