Saturday, June 25, 2005

Campaign for campaigns

Kinsey = 8.5/10. Who doesn't love a movie all about sex!?! And gall wasps. And sex! There is much nudity to be seen. If you watch it, make sure you watch all the way to the end past the credits to see footage provided by the real Kinsey Institute of various animals getting it on. It answered my questions about lizards, birds, and porcupines.

What a clever marketing scheme, Dove. So clever that I almost bought into the lie that you cared about the "average woman." But you're literally still selling soap. Their latest spread on the Campaign for Real Beauty called Real Woman Have Curves just pisses me off. Yes, we do have curves. However, the women you chose to represent your campaign are, OMG, a size (hold your breath) SIX instead of a size negative five! Can you believe that? And the oldest one is 26, "WAY past" the body prime that magazines lead us to believe occurs at age 16. Wait a minute! The two darker women are the bigger ones on the spread. Is anyone else offended by that? Maybe the one in the middle is a size 8 instead of 6, pardon me.

Honestly, what percentage of women are as small as the woman on that site? More than the Paris Hilton waifs we see daily in ads, but not many. The "real/average woman" they need to show is 40 years old and a size 18 or so. What? What's that? Oh! You say that showing an average woman wouldn't convince people buy their products? You're probably correct, but don't show me size 6 girls and tell me that this is average and that they are curvy.

The shelves where I shop lead me to believe that I am more the "average." I am within the "normal" range on the BMI scale, but I certainly don't look like those women. And for you those of you out there trying to figure out if you're bigger or smaller than me, I'll give you a clue: I'm 5' 4". You're totally doing it, Kelly. Don't even lie! :)


ET said...

I like the one where the girl is (still a size 2 but) covered in freckles. I mean REALLY covered. Hello! Lindsay Lohan is covered in freckles, too. But you are absolutely right. And they can start showing a size 5x woman and I still won't buy Dove products because I don't use SOAP (it's DRYING! And yes, I do use moisturizing body wash products, so don't freak out), and I don't put cheap crap on my face! Than again, I am early 30s, so clearly WAY past my Dove prime!

kelly said...

Okay..I'll admit! I joined Curves this week and found out the average married woman gains a 1/2 pound a month, so now I have an excuse!

ET said...

I tried Curves a few times, with my mom and sister, but everyone (except me and my sister) was significantly older and my mom was totally embarassing doing her little "dances" between stations! Also, it was really hard for me to do the "30 seconds per" because I am shorter than average and it takes me a few seconds to get properly situated on the equipment or it hits me in the wrong spot and hurts (the seat, etc., not the exercise). So alas, no more Curves for me. LT and I do walk with the dogs every night, and hopefully when we move we will have room for our workout items including a huge weight machine thingy.

Bottom line though...I don't think any "cream" or "soap" or "moisturizer" is going to firm you/me/anyone up. Sad but true.

Rachel said...

The average married woman gains 1/2 pounds/month? Hmm...what would be MY excuse, then? And...I thought all that sex was supposed to be good exercise.

Like I've said before, I much prefer the elliptical machines. :)

And ET, you know you CAN buy 5-10 pound weights + either stretch bands and/or a stability ball and that will suffice for most all of your strength training. I can't help LT out, though.

LT said...

I get my exercise lifting ET off the floor when she's trying to paint and falls off the chair, running into the room when she screams at the junebug in her hair and walking around/over all the animals and their toys.

ET said...

You forgot the bending and stretching involved in looking for my keys! And I only fell off the chair ONCE! But I think I still have a broken butt to show for it (would that butt paste be good for gluing my tailbone back together?). And yes, I have free weights. Although boy child has temporarily appropriated them.

Rachel said...

Do whatever you choose to do with the butt paste, it's really none of my business.