Friday, June 24, 2005

Sharing butt cheese is NOT cool!

I have no clue where life will take me from now until August 31, 2006. What I do know is that it will be in the same apartment. I managed to flash enough boob avoid a $10/month rate increase. And I got a $20 apartment gym key for free that I lost/left in the gym back in March.

Stage Beauty = 7.25/10. You can convince your man to see it by telling him that he gets to see Claire Dane's boobs twice.

And I tried to watch Kinsey last night, but I spent 2.5 hours on the phone with my family and D. Not at the same time. Kinsey was due back Thursday at the library, but the $0.50 or $1.00 is worth it. Totally defeats the purpose of checking out movies from the library, but whatever.

So yesterday I was emailing ET back and forth as to what I should give as a wedding gift to cousin Shannon. She suggested a vase (left over from her wedding nearly three years ago at a discount price--any takers?). I said that I didn't want to give a vase because it was a non-practical, "traditional" wedding gift. I then told her I was thinking something that could be more towels. And then that reminded me of the family towel story. Maggie, let me know if you were there when this happened or if it was another trip and if details are a bit skewed. The main point happened, many of the details are fuzzy.

Time: Spring break 1999 (80% certainly), 2 months before I graduated from high school

Dad loads up the hoopty vanand off we go to South Carolina for spring break/to see family. Most people from South Carolina have a REALLY hick accent. No exception with my aunt & uncle that live there. Hick accents make these people SEEM redneck and their double wide trailer doesn't help at all. The six of us (mom, dad, two brothers, me, Maggie) arrive there and wake up the next morning to take showers. Of course, Mom and Dad get in first because Maggie and me were THE queens of sleeping in. When Mom/Dad woke us/me up, I remember being told that in the bathroom had only two towels. That was IT! There were no other towels in the trialer. We couldn't jolly well go out and buy them because apparently that would have been rude, so what ended up happening was beyond comprehension: The TEN of us (aunt, uncle, cousins Shannon and Kristy) ended up using those two towels for the entire week. I think we eventually might have used our beach towesl, too. Now I'm all about being close to family and having communal this and communal that, but communal towels? I think not!

Pales in comparision to my other communal towel experience: When I was a kid, my neighbors across the street had a communal towel that was used in lieu of toilet paper. Seriously.


kelly said...

Okay, did they need to do laundry or did they just literally have 2 towels?

Rachel said...

TO the best of my knowledge, they only had two towels for the body. Like I said, some details are fuzzy, but what is NOT fuzzy was the fact that I had to use dirty towels for a while and my parents were disgusted. And if they were grossed out, it must have meant that there wasn't much out of the situation because they wouldn't have forced us to do that.

ET said...

So you can get your cousin towels...and it shouldn't cost much, since you will only have to buy two.

Mags said...

oh yeah, i remember that. but i think we did use beach towels maybe...