Thursday, June 23, 2005

Shannon the Betrothed

Look, I'm pretty much an extremely clueless person when it comes to matters that involve making a style decision. That's why God gave me ET, A, and M. Since my family won't be returning home until a few days before my cousin's wedding, I took it upon myself to offer to buy their gift (with their money) from my cousin's registry. It would save my parents time and they won't have to make a style decision. They are decidedly more clueless than I am when it comes to gifts. I had to get it from somewhere! So, I prance on over to The Knot to find where she's registered. Hmm...nothing showing up. I'm sure their site it just down at the moment. I check the other source for all registries, Wedding Channel. Nothing listed there, either. I figure that Shannon has decided to register at some local place with no website. She's in South Carolina, you never know. I'll settle this! I call her my aunt, Shannon's mother.

Susie: Well, she was gunna register but she just didn't.
Me: Ok...well...what does she need? Want? What color scheme is her house/apartment?
Susie: Boy, now there some questions. I don't really talk to her too much now that she lives away.
Me:, what am I supposed to get her?
Susie: She'll just be happy with whatever.

Fan-friggin'-tastic! Bottom line: if you get married, please register so that the Rachel's of the world don't all give you crappy picture albums and the like.


ET said...

If you need some ideas, just let me know. And don't do a photo album unless it's either a leather with monogram type or something like the silver-plated modern one from P.Barn. Then again, this may not be something your cousin is into. A gift card works, too.

LT said...

Cousin, Carolina, no registry. Hmmm. I would guess anything with the Confederate Flag on it would be appropriate.

Rachel said...

Confederate flag lingerie perhaps???

ET said...

Confederate flag towels. They might not be familiar with the concept of lingerie.