Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Putt Putt

It's bonus time at the office. How will Rachel spend it? 50% = car loan, 40% = savings, 10% = spend on something frivolous. Could I be any more exciting? (you gotta say it just like Chandler)

Add to my job description microwave cleaner.

I went with my mentee to Mazzio's and then to play Putt Putt on a kick butt course. Well, I think it was kick butt. I've only played a total of like 4 times in my life, so what I do know? I felt like such an idiot playing, though. I honestly have NO clue which direction I should be facing/which should be the lead hand/arm when I putt. Remember, I'm a lefty. Both ways felt equally wrong to me. It was a par 42 course. I scored 68 and Butter scored 69. Oddly enough, this was close to our bowling scores. I think I might have a career in this!

Rachel's 1st law of Shelby: There exists a direct correlation between the importance of an item and the liklelihood of Shelby eating/chewing the item.

Proof for R1stLOS #1 : Renewal for blue car's tag sticker.


ET said...

Fortunately the RULE OF SHELBY is inexpensive to remedy...or at least the destruction. You can still renew your tag for the bargain price of $1 more. (I know I told you this already, but it may benefit someone else to post it here.)

Am I to assume the "something frivolous" includes a little Stila purchase? And is Chandler someone from Friends?

Rachel said...

I don't think Stila products are frivilous at all! Cosmetics are a much needed thing, right? I was thinking more like...I don't know yet.

I get made fun of all of the time because I've never seen episodes of Cheers, MASH, and various other forms of tv entertainment. Chandler is indeed a character of Friends. How can you not know the characters of Friends? Wow!

I guarantee you that while Friends isn't exactly all I had hoped for in a sitcom (but I was stuck after watching the first few seasons), it has to be better than LT's MST3K.

ET said...

You are right...cosmetics are ABSOLUTELY necessary and not at all frivolous. And so are really nice bags!

I know Rachel and Phoebe, so the name Chandler seemed associated with that group. I have seen M*A*S*H, but am not addicted to that like I am the Vietnam movies (and I just received the full length version of A RUMOR OF WAR). Then again, M*A*S*H is stationed in Korea. Anywho...definitely CANNOT tolerate Friends. I don't really watch sitcoms (at least not American sitcoms), except when LT watches Home Improvement. Give me L&O any day, though. And all day on Sundays!

P.S. - the girl from Stila says if we will e-mail her with your coloring, hair, eye, etc. she will be happy to recommend some additional colors for you, and she thinks the Midnight Bloom kit was an excellent way to start!