Monday, June 27, 2005

A coffee and a...ewww!

Tulsa's gettin' a Maggie Moo's!!!

LaFortune is really dusty to walk on. But since my expecting friend A. likes it and it gets me social with her and out of my apartment, I'm all for it.

I have been ovserving this woman that works on the same floor as I do but at a different company. Somehow she always manages to come into the bathroom just as I'm washing my hands afterward. I think she likes to stalk me. And 80% of the time, she has her insulated coffee mug full of coffee with her as she goes into a stall. Wha?

Either she:

a) plans to spend so long in the bathroom that she knows her coffee will get cold in her INSULATED mug,

b) Is so heavily addicted to caffeine that she must keep a constant stream flowing through her body at all times, or

c) doesn't think this is in the very least disgusting.

It reminds me of the George Carlin quote that goes something like "here's an odd feeling: sitting on a toilet eating a chocolate bar."


ET said...

Maybe she is afraid someone will slip something into her coffee while she is away, and so has to take it with her.

I always take my purse with me (unless I have someone to specifically watch it) because I have had a bag stolen from our office and our secretary had hers stolen once, as well. Once they came in during the night and stole the safe. THE WHOLE SAFE! People are weird.

Rachel said...

Sound like you guys either have crappy security or co-workers with sticky fingers.

ET said...

Actually we have neither. There is no "building security" although I think there is a camera in the lobby that runs to the manager's office (who is like 100 years old, so not likely to tackle any bad guys). When my purse was stolen, the only "co-workers" I had were two senior attorneys. Since they PAID to replace everything I lost, I don't think it was them. Apparently people just wander into downtown buildings and go from floor to floor to see if anyone is there/something is available for the taking. The disturbing thing is that we DON'T have a glass door, and my bag used to be kept in a desk drawer. At the time it was taken I was unloading stuff from Sam's. Not sure when the secretary's was taken...but again, only the two senior attorneys there.

When the safe was stolen it was the middle of the night. The building doors lock at 5:00 and you need a card key to get in, but apparently they somehow got into the back door. I hope they enjoyed hacking into a fireproof, 400 lb. safe...all it contained was the company checkbook and old deposit slips. Oh, and a ring that I received for my 21st birthday (or somewhere around there) that I had taken to work with me to have appraised.