Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why, you're in Crazyville

I'm getting my hair and brows done today. It's been more than 6 months. I SO need it on the brows.

Lucía, Lucía = 5.25/10. I really can't decide if I even liked this or not. I just added the 0.25 because there was nudity. I've seen a lot of flailing body parts lately: Kinsey, Stage Beauty, Sideways and now this. I seriously doubt that the next movie I'm watching has nudity in it. Speaking of movie, I've made an "important" decision. Based on reviews from Epinions.com and the fact that their distribution center is closer to Tulsa, I'm signing up for Netflix on July 18th. I'm told that the Monday thing will get me a few more movies because they don't mail out movies on weekends but count those days as part of the free trial. And I figure that I'll have many of my free movies on library list watched. My library list is down to 27 now, but a lot of those have really long queues.

I work behind double glass doors. When a particular diamond establishment was down the hall, there were many weirdos that would pop their head in and ask stupid questions. Usually things like "Where's [insert name of jeweler]" and "Where's the bathroom?" Now that only the diamond maker and his bodyguard-like person are there, things are much quieter on the floor. Yet, there are still weirdos that come in here from time to time. Such was the case yesterday:

Werido sticks head in office, but not body
Me: Hi, can I help you?
Werido: Yeah, where am I?
Me: (sign on the outside of doors apparently not obvious enough) This is the "Widget Company."
Werido: No, I mean, where am I?
Me: Well, this is Matilda building (completely made up name) and it's on Main Street. (I don't work on Main Street, but you get the point.)
Werido: No, the bigger one! Where am I?
Me: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Werido: YES! Thank you!

What did weirdo do next? Walked out the door. I might mention he appeared either drunk or stone or something. Not like I'd know, though.

Song of the moment: Lasgo - Who's That Girl (sample link at bottom of page)

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