Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Don't let the kid do things!

Well, alrighty then. Apparently I'm just way behind the times and it is indeed fine and dandy to bare your pregnant belly in public. I mean, if Britney Spears is doin' it...

I have no intentions of doing this when I get pregnant.

Tuesday at work, I whipped out my "doh" card. We make tea in this Fiestware teacup. Ours is pink. Fiestaware stuff is supposed to be collector items. Why we're making tea in it if that's the case, I have no idea. Anyway, I take it upon myself to make tea. I took off the lid and set it on the counter to the left of me. I then took the teacup and moved it left over the lid so I could wash it in the sink. The nub on top of the lid broke off. In addition to my inability to apply things uniformly, I apparently I also have a depth perception issue. Oops! The main problem: the teacup belongs to my 2nd in line boss who's on an Alaskan cruise at the moment. So, hopefully she'll still be in vacation mode and won't be too pissed at me. Of course, everyone else hates this teacup because it gets really hot, drips when it pours, and the handle isn't big enough to get a good lifting grip.


ET said...

Why Miss Rachel, I never thought I'd see the day when Britney Spears would appear on your blog! (End Southern accent.)

Really, I thought I was at the wrong place for a minute!

What the hell is Fiestaware? Can something with the term "ware" in it really be collectible? Come to think of it, I have a whole collection of salt-glazed stoneware, so I guess that's a yes. (Salt-glazed stoneware is a very heavy ceramic-type pottery used in EARLY America...I got into it years ago and now have about 12 pieces. Very cool, but where do you put them?)

Rachel said...

Oh, come on! I RSS and E! And although I no longer subscribe to US Weekly (credit cared mixup that allowed me to get it from August until May for F-R-E-E), I'm down with the celebrity happenings. This one just happened to tie directly to an earlier post.

According to, one definition for ware is: "Articles of the same general kind, made of a specified material, or used in a specific application." So yes, ware can be anything, I guess.

I'll tell you where you put the salt-glazed stuff. Either on eBay, a curio cabinet, or in the cabinet where it is currently.

ET said...

The "ware" stuff is mostly in a box on the floor of my kitchen, since I have no idea where to put it and my house has no "extra" closets.

I could put some on eBay if I could bear to part with it, but the shipping would be very expensive because the stuff weighs a TON.

Amanda Z said...

Fiestaware is expensive, I know that.

Also, is it really possible that Brtney Spears is THAT far along? She looks like 6-7 months (Considering how skinny she is usually.)

Rachel said...

Amanda, you have a good point. My totally unscientific self is going to put her more at 23 weeks along. What are you basing this on, Rachel? Well, they're saying "fall" baby. I'm taking that to mean October or November because if the due date was in September and she had it early, it would run into "summer." That and
photo evidence.

God love ther internet! I knew that somewhere they had to be a gallery of pregnant bellies. And I was correct!