Thursday, June 30, 2005

Stila, honey: it's not you, it's me

For the last 4 years or so, I have heard a lot of positive words regarding Stila Cosmetics. It's always quoted in magazines as being THE best source for some makeup, namely eyeshadow. I always figured that it was $500/product and that I couldn't afford it and went on my merry way. Until ET brought Stila back into my world a few months ago. They are a little pricey ($5 more/eyeshadow color than what I usually pay), but if they are that much much better, why not pay a little extra for something that isn't crap?

Let me back up even further than this. I have what I think is the world's greasiest face. Lotion, no lotion, or lotion only at night. Wash face twice a day, none a day, or once a day. It all equals in the same amount of oil. In fact, I amazed D. on Saturday by showing him my oily grossness on those little Clean & Clean Oil Absorbing Sheets. He wasn't even aware that such a product existed and I think "wow" was the statement he made after he saw I filled up TWO sheets. They were completely clear. So, face oil isn't much of a issue because of these sheets, except for the eyes. Shadow usually creases within 4 hours after I put it on. There is a Mary Kay Eye Primer that buys me two extra hours and nearly lets me make it through the work day withouth creasing.

Back to Stila. ET and everyone else in the world swears by this stuff. How it doesn't crease, yadda yadda. So, I order this cute little Midnight Bloom palette last week. It arrived Tuesday, the same day I went to get a haircut and brows shaped. I hadn't been since January, so I was feeling pretty scruffy on the eyebrow part. By the way, congrats to my cousin M. who cuts my hair at the snooty salon in Tulsa. She got a promotion. In one more level, she'll have her own assistant. The assistant's job is to shampoo hair. That's IT! Anywho, I always feel the most pretty the day after I go to the salon. So, what better opportunity than this to try out my new, non-crease stuff? New hair, new brows, I even washed my makeup brushes in preparation for the event. OK...I wash my brushes every two weeks anyway, but still. creased! Within 3 hours of me putting it on!!! What is wrong with me? Make the creasing stop! If you're reading this, it is your job to find me find me either a primer or reasons it creases only on me, or how to make it less greasy.

Bottom line: complete and utter disappointment


ET said...

To misquote a standard song: "It has to be you." I have never had any creasing issues with Stila, and they are awarded best for eyeshadows pretty much every year by InStyle. I don't understand why you are this fountain of facial oil, but that must be the problem. Although oily eyelids is one I have not heard of before. Look at it this way, you will never get wrinkles. And I would give serious reconsideration to whatever moisturizer you are using.

That aside, there are a few shadow "bases" that you can try to stop the creasing. Go to, click "eyes" and look for "lip and lid primer." If this doesn't work, I don't know what to tell you.

Anonymous said...

I also have oily skin so this is how I control my skin. Beauty Blotters take the oil off your face but not your makeup. Also I have loose powder with me to apply right after I use those. Also Oil Mattiier helps surface oil all day long and you can even apply it throughout the day.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the suggestion, boobies (BK probably will be the only one that gets that). I hvae received about 15 suggestions via email and am currently in makeup limbo. After reviewing my super dooper independent sources/reviews, I'll let you guys know which primers I end up getting.