Friday, July 01, 2005

iyke_okereke = Nigerian scammer?

Before I start any of this, I would like to get something out of the way. There were a few accusations made the last time I posted IMs/emails such as these. I was told basically I did it to gloat. "You just love to think you're special because men hit on you in public and on the internet, don't you?" Umm...not particularly. But I guess it would depend on the approach the person in public used. Generally, I find just find their lines amusing and pathetic. And I think men hit on all women. I asked one of my great guy friends (I've never been involved with him) why he hit on so many women and he replied, "Well, I figure if I ask all of them out and one says yes, then that's a start." Oy! And sure, I think I'm pretty, but not model gorgeous or anything. And sure, everyone likes to be told that they are worthy, pretty, smart, etc. In all honesty, though, people that hit on me/tell me these things 99% of the time elicit no feelings whatsoever. People that tell me positive things about myself generally only elicit feelings from me if I know them. Otherwise, it's just odd feeling. It would be the same as if you were coming out of a movie theatre and some random person kept telling you how they loved your (pick out a positive physical attribute). Just makes me feel weird.

Why do I post these, then? Because I generally find it to be funny, pathetic, sappy, common, "horny male" behavior.

Background: I've talked to this person a few times before on Yahoo. But apparently very little because I could remember his screen name name and that's all. He's not even on my buddy list. A conversation log on my gaim last night revealed the conversations to be "sorry I can't talk right now" or I didn't even reply because I was away. Things in () are what I was thinking or clarification.

iyke_okereke (10:35:08 AM): hi Rachael
iyke_okereke (10:35:12 AM): i was just viewing ur pics
me (10:35:14 AM): sorry, I can't really talk right now
me (10:35:25 AM): viewing them and? (I'm totally lying. I can talk but I don't want to, but you've piqued my curiosity)
iyke_okereke (10:35:44 AM): they are so lovely and charming
iyke_okereke (10:35:52 AM): never knew u were that pretty
me (10:36:08 AM): tks
iyke_okereke (10:36:29 AM): someone like as a wife or girl friend, i don't think any man will loo at another woman
me (10:36:40 AM): What?
iyke_okereke (10:37:06 AM): thats 100% true
me (10:37:26 AM): What??? I don't understand what you're saying (I still have no idea what those last two lines mean)
iyke_okereke (10:37:49 AM): ur beauty alone can make one totally lost
iyke_okereke (10:37:56 AM): thats what i mean
iyke_okereke (10:38:00 AM): n the way u smile
iyke_okereke (10:38:09 AM): men
iyke_okereke (10:38:09 AM): drives me crazy
me (10:38:11 AM): Thanks
me (10:38:32 AM): I'd like to think that my personality is better than my looks, though, because those fade (by those I mean looks)
iyke_okereke (10:38:50 AM): yeah
iyke_okereke (10:39:07 AM): are u saying ur personality is greater than ur looks?
me (10:39:38 AM): I sure hope so
iyke_okereke (10:40:17 AM): if this is true, that means ur whole self is totally splendid
iyke_okereke (10:40:40 AM): u are an "angel" then
me (10:41:08 AM): awww
iyke_okereke (10:41:23 AM): yeah
iyke_okereke (10:41:31 AM): this is exactly how i feel for u
iyke_okereke (10:41:40 AM): u are an ANGEL
iyke_okereke (10:41:48 AM): write it down somewhere (are you going to try to kill me and make me an angel or something?)
me (10:41:52 AM): ok, enough already....what do you want?
iyke_okereke (10:42:19 AM): don't panic
iyke_okereke (10:42:23 AM): are u annoyed
iyke_okereke (10:42:43 AM): u know when one is moved by what he has seen
me (10:42:45 AM): no...people just usually don't go on and on unless they want something
iyke_okereke (10:42:48 AM): i just got to tell u the truth
me (10:42:58 AM): I can't remember where you live
iyke_okereke (10:43:10 AM): i stay in Nigeria
iyke_okereke (10:43:18 AM): have u head of it b4?
me (10:43:28 AM): yes
iyke_okereke (10:43:54 AM): thats in Africa
me (10:43:57 AM): I know that
me (10:44:01 AM): How old are you?
iyke_okereke (10:44:10 AM): many US citizens visit here for tourism
me (10:44:19 AM): I won't be one of them
iyke_okereke (10:44:40 AM): am 22 years and in my 4th year studying URP
me (10:44:46 AM): URP?
iyke_okereke (10:45:00 AM): yeah
iyke_okereke (10:45:04 AM): urban and regional planning
iyke_okereke (10:45:07 AM): we plan the cities
me (10:45:17 AM): I see
me (10:45:26 AM): I don't mean to be rude, but I really can't talk right now (2nd time, but this time it was more truth)
iyke_okereke (10:45:51 AM): so when do we fix a time to chat well
iyke_okereke (10:46:09 AM): cos chatting with a nice personailty like u makes me happy
me (10:46:26 AM): Well, I'm not really too sure my boyfriend would like me chatting with someone that go on and on about my looks
iyke_okereke (10:46:49 AM): ohhhhh
iyke_okereke (10:46:52 AM): there u go
iyke_okereke (10:46:58 AM): u have a bf?
me (10:47:02 AM): Yes, I do
iyke_okereke (10:47:12 AM): ohhhh
iyke_okereke (10:47:22 AM): no wonder u asked me what i wanted
iyke_okereke (10:47:32 AM): i can see you love him so much (wait...I'm THAT obvious? No, I'm pretty sure the fact that I didn't take to your flattering was more the reason you said that.)
iyke_okereke (10:47:50 AM): and u believe solely in mongamy right?
iyke_okereke (10:48:03 AM): monogamy
me (10:48:19 AM): As opposed to being with more than one person at the same time? (oh great!)
me (10:48:26 AM): Or being married to more than one person?
iyke_okereke (10:48:52 AM): being with more than one person at a time
iyke_okereke (10:48:58 AM): thats what i mean
me (10:49:04 AM): Yeah, I'm a one-man type of girl
iyke_okereke (10:49:23 AM): ohhh thats good to hear
iyke_okereke (10:49:29 AM): have u seen my pic b4?
iyke_okereke (10:49:35 AM): just asked
me (10:49:39 AM): I don't think so
iyke_okereke (10:50:02 AM): okay
iyke_okereke (10:50:16 AM): maybe thats why u kicking me so badly
me (10:50:28 AM): ? (?)
iyke_okereke (10:50:29 AM): well thats okay
iyke_okereke (10:50:38 AM): since u have a bf,
iyke_okereke (10:50:59 AM): would it be bad to have me as a very close friend?
iyke_okereke (10:51:26 AM): no -ve intentions (-ve intentions? what's -ve? anyway, yeah, I'm sure having you as a close friend would totally work out because you just basically told me you want me and were probably going to try to convince me that I should not practice monogamy or...something.)
me (10:51:27 AM): Look, I really really really can't talk right now (3rd time; GO AWAY!)
me (10:51:29 AM): I'm at work
iyke_okereke (10:51:52 AM): ohh i will send u a mail then
me (10:51:54 AM): I'm just on Yahoo so I can listen to music
me (10:51:56 AM): o....k
me (10:51:57 AM): bye
iyke_okereke (10:52:23 AM): i ll send one soon.
iyke_okereke (10:52:25 AM): bye

About 4 minutes after he said that, he then tries to upload a picture to me via Yahoo Messenger; when it didn't work...


This is the picture he was finally able to send via IM:

Kinda cute. And...kinda wearing a suit in a land where they have what looks to be huts. And what is that man carrying in his hand? BK said he looked like the hotel manager on Hotel Rwanda. That's the end, right? Nope...I get this email:

Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 09:07:56 -0700 (PDT)
From:Send an Instant Message "iyke okereke" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
Subject: Hello. Its the disturbing guy

Hi Rachael,

It was so nice chatting with you today. I really don't know how you feel about me knowing fully well that you have not seen me before or met me before. In any case, below is my pic. Hope you appreciate it. I know maybe am not as fine as the guy you would like to hang out with, just accept me the way I am. Well, my name again is Iyke and 22 years studying URP here in college. I really felt moved after viewing your photos and that why I am always writing you and you also taking me to be "disturbing you alot". You know how the heart feels when it see something or somebody it loves so much. Adding to your great personality, I feel am in love with you even when I know you don't care for me. I hope this email and the attached pic can change a little bit how you look at and take me. Hope you send me a message once you get this mail. Am waiting in the yahoo messenger.thots

Your aspiring _ _ _ _,


WHA??? Ok, not so cute anymore. Just kinda scary. I don't even know how to respond to this, so I guess I ain't gonna.

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ET said...

I had a similar experience a while back with a foreign fellow who was living in the U.S. He ended up asking me to marry him ("no strings") so that he could get a pilot's license in the U.S.

I also had a guy from the Ivory Coast in an organic chemistry class who would speak to me in French and told me how beautiful I was. It made me very uncomfortable, how upfront he was saying things that seemed a bit personal and somewhat inappropriate! And in front of the whole class. Nice guy though.