Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Dangling Bottle

Rabbit-Proof Fence = 5.75/10. Very interesting subject that I know nothing about. Also, you get to see all sorts of Aborigine people. I don't see many Aborigines in the US. I sorta kinda cheated on this one by watching it at 1.5x and sometimes 2.0x. It made the walking around in the desert (90% of the movie) much more interesting.

All The Real Girls = 6/10. Ahhh...who can resist the classic tale of jerk man (who's been with 26 woman) meets (virgin) girl, man falls in love with virgin girl, virgin girl gets it on with another guy, and man-whore gets his heart broken. Yeah, man-whore had it coming. Karma. All kinds of redneck stuff in this one, too. For instance, this amusing conversation takes place (not exact phrasing, etc):

Bust-Ass (that's his name in the movie!): You know pancakes expand in your stomach and turn straight to fat?
Noel: No, I didn't. So, then you avoid them?
Bust-Ass: I'm more of an egg guy.
Noel: Oh. (pauses) Well, what about waffles and French toast?
Bust-Ass: Well, I generally don't make it to places that fancy.

There is a also sliver of cute guy penis seen, too!

Apparently I missed out on the important things in life or something. It's been three days and I still cannot explain what was going on here. So I'm driving back home from walking with A at Fortune Park Wednesday evening and I get about two miles from my apartment. There is this mid-size truck with 4 guys in it. Out of the passenger window hung a rope (it was actually skinnier than rope, but thicker than twine) that had a water bottle (like an Aquafina or something) attached to the end. The ropey contraption was about 30 feet long. I figured that they were going to reel it in at the stoplight where my car met up with these guys. Nope. So, here they are driving down the road with this water bottle just bouncing up and down. They let go of it about a mile after driving with it hanging out. Is this some high school/college ritual thing or something?

A few weeks ago I saw this car tag: YIP EIO
Very hick Oklahoman, but still cute.

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