Sunday, July 03, 2005

Flip me, mate?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith = 8/10. I love Angelina Jolie, despite her not being the most umm...stable person ever.

Just so you know: even though there's no "use by" date on Bill-Jac, eventually it will acquire about an inch of furry mold/mildew/icky on top of it and drive you insane trying to figure out what's making the refrigerator stink. Even if it was never opened.

I was very disappointed with my choice of dinner. Until Saturday, Te Kei's was one of my more favored restaurants in Tulsa. By favored I mean that I wanted to go there again. I'm VERY big on eating at a place one time and then moving on to see what else the city has to offer. It has a great atmosphere, low lighting, calm, upscale feeling, etc. And I've been there three or four times before this. Doug had never been there before. His friends had told him that it was crap. I set out to prove them wrong because what do his friends know anyway? How could they even begin to believe Te Kei's bad place to eat? Blasphemy!

Despite the Austrailian-looking waiter named Flip (no middle name) Coffee (or more likely Coffey--he said it was his real name) that was most decidedly an in-the-closet or bisexual, the experience sucked. I got Szechuan Blackened Chile Noodle. They were great...except every once in a while I tasted what I think was residual soap from cleaning. Seriously. Doug got brown noodles that were mighty disgusting.* He had like 5 bites and then quit eating. And he likes his food, so it was that bad for him. Maybe the free dessert from Urban Tulsa coupon would be redeeming? Eh, the Mount Fuji contraption was very good, but I'd never pay $4.95 for it. This makes the second complete and utter disappointment of the week. Not good. I do have another free dessert coupon if anyone wants it. You probably won't end up tasting soap and if you just stay away from brown noodles, it should be alright.

I did, however, manage to (willingly) drag him into a Bath & Body Works where if I spent $10 I would get a free lip gloss. I'm the coupon/free stuff queen. Can you tell? Anyway, I got Tutti Dolci gloss in Sugar Wafer. It's very sticky, but tastes and smells very good. Doug thought it tasted good, too. (A kiss, you sickos. No man of mine is going to be puttin' on girlie lip gloss with my knowledge!)

What DID you get, Doug? I'm looking at the menu and I have no idea even though you told me like three tmes. Yeah, that's a direct hint to look at the online menu and leave it in the comment section.


ET said...

Te Kei's usually has tolerable food. Although the last thing I ordered (highly recommended, by the way) was too bland for even ME to eat. Their pot stickers are very good, however. The place is cool, the bathrooms are awesome, but the food. Eh.

I have one of the Tutti Dolci lip glosses and am not crazy about it. Hello "Ms. I Don't Wear Lipgloss Because I Bite My Lips" girl! You need to run across the street to Saks and get some MAC!

Rachel said...

Like I was a FREE lip gloss with the purchase of $10 of stuff. I got two of their only in spring released honeysuckle body wash.

ET said...


I can't use much of anything from Bath and Body Works because it all reeks of really fruity or floral ick. I got a body spray (on sale for $2.50) that was supposed to be some "springy" scent...took it home, sprayed it once, and then had to go wash off and change my clothes because the smell made me sick. It's going back. That being said, I do like their Rice-something-or-other lotion and the Vanilla Bean Noel (LT's favorite) lotion. Those are tolerable. The rest are just stinky. = (

Rachel said...

Some of us happen to prefer icky floral scent. :)

I often take surveys about body wash/soap and they always ask you to rate how much you agree or disagree with this statement:

I want to be able to smell the scent of my body wash or soap all day.

I strongly agree!

However, I'm sure you're right on the Mac stuff...give me time. And money. But mostly time.

Amanda Z said...

I have the body wash and the mousturizing souffle in Cinnamon Frosting (which, by the way, has a warning on the side to NOT EAT IT, and I think it is for good reason. It smells sooo good, I have been tempted.)

Then I have the perfume spray in Creme Brule.

I love stuff that smells like baked goods. I also have a Demeter perfume that is "Vanilla Cake Batter". Yum.

I had that same coupon but didn't really need more lip gloss. I'm a chapstick girl.