Monday, July 04, 2005

You POOR thing!

Blues Brothers = 7.5/10. There were some parts that made me laugh hysterically, but for the most part I found the humor a little immature. Usually isn't a problem, for me but for some reason it was this time.

As feminist as I like to think I am, there are just some things that send red flags. Having said that, I have another chapter to make for the book he's just not that into you: He's just not that into you if you have to propose to him. See Pink.

So, I'm finally shopping for a new mattress. I've needed one for about 4 years. It's the most odd experience ever just going in there and laying down on a bed. At Mathis Brothers furniture they have this really big neon sign that says Lady Americana. It was a very redneck feeling to be laying down on a bed with a neon sign above me.

I love The Smoking Gun! Want a good laugh? Read this in its entirety. Yeah, it is pretty wrong of me to be amused by the divorce of Terry McMillian, 53, and her 30 year old husband, but this whole deposition or whatever it's called just makes me think "Oh, you POOR little innocent STUPID boy".

He basically has the whole "poor me, I was young and dumb and really loved her/would do anything for her but I didn't want to sign the prenuptual agreement but I was going to be sent back to Jamaica and I am rich here in America but only if she gives me money because I can't make any of my own. What EVER shall I do?" thing going on. One question to him: Did you really think it was ever going to work? Especially if you've known for a long time that you were gay/bisexual.

And oh, how cute! You used your wife's "stolen" money to buy her and her son dinner and gifts? Ick!

"...she often felt like my mother instead of my wife" I can't imagine why that would be the case. I mean, she's ONLY 23 years older than you!

This would be a clear cut case of "You should have thought about that before you got married, dummy."


LT said...

Does this mean that we'll be subjected to the movie "How Stella Lost Her Groove, Again"?

Rachel said...

Heh! We could also make the movies

How Stella Turns a Man Gay
How Stella Drives Her Groove Away

I got nothin'