Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Never scare me in the bathroom, please

Happy birthday to Jason! He's 25 today and reminds me often that his birtday is on the first day of summer.

Sideways = 7.75/10. I learned a lot about wine. And even though I laughed my butt off, I'm not sure I will ever recover from the eyeball raping when the nekkid man ran into the car window.

And Brothers Houligan was...well...it was cheap food. But a crappy atmosphere and close quarters. I did, however, find my oddity of the day there. I believe I've blogged before about how I wash my hands before I eat a meal. This time was no exception. The bathroom was one that had only one toilet and one sink. No partitions or anything. There was a closet in the bathroom, though. Because I'm a curious person, I peeked inside the closet. There I found a vacuum and I didn't look long enough to see what else. Fine. I wonder how many times a waiter at the restaurant hid in the closet until a co-worker had to tinkle and then jumped out an the most inappropriate moment. Or worse! Did his/her own little voyeurism thing with customers. Ick!

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ET said...

Wow. I have always heard rave reviews of Brothers Houligan, although I have never eaten there myself. And I didn't think they had anything "cheap"...what sort of price range/food items are we talking here?

P.S. - May I recommend the "French Toast" bagel with lowfat honey and almond cream cheese from Panera? Yummy!