Sunday, July 31, 2005

Dirrty Dog

Ice Princess = 3.5/10. It was just bad. And stop judging me for watching it! I think I only have two more films like this on my list.

American Wedding (a.k.a. American Pie 3) = 6/10. I really don't remember Stifler's laugh being that annoying in the first two movies. I realize it's just a movie, but I tend to overanalyze everything and two basic things in this movie made no sense to me:

#1:Michelle (bride) and Jim (groom) went to high school together, right? It's been 6 years since I've seen the original American Pie, but I remember them all going to high school together. In this movie Jim made mention of the fact that they had been dating since high school. So, that's what? 4-6 years? I can't remember exactly what he said in the movie. At any rate, in the movie Jim had to meet Michelle's parents for the very first time. Shouldn't this have happened somewhere in year 1 or 2? I mean, Michelle knew Jim's dad well enough to mention that she had tried "boning" Jim all day. And I'm thinking they lived in the same town if they went to the same high school, right? Hmm...I don't know anyone that uses the term boning on any kind of a regular basis.

#2: Michelle's little sister shows up, Cadence. Jim's friends (Finch, Stifler, and Kevin) had NO clue she even existed. Even though they all went to the same high school. Even though Jim and Michelle had been dating 4-6 years. One would THINK some kind of conversation would have come up about how hot she was, right?

But...all things considered, who doesn't love a good pubic hair tornado?

Number of movies on "to see movie list" = 167. I feel like I'm making zero headway

Friday night at around 10:15 I took Shelby to do her business before bedtime. HER bedtime, not mine. We went to the front of my building. By front I mean the side of the building that is closest to where cars drive. There are bushes near some parts of the apartment walls strategically placed in front of windows and near the balconies. Shelby usually likes to sniff around before she tinkles. I assume this has something to do with all of the male dogs marking their territory. This time as she was sniffing around the bushes I was paying more attention to these drunk acting chicks getting out of a car. Shelby did her thing and as we were walking back, I noticed she had something in her mouth. "Shelby, DROP!" And out of her mouth comes a condom. Probably used. Because (as BK said about this situation) who would throw away an unused one? So, let's analyze this using faulty logic, shall we? Used condom in bushes. I can only assume that this means either somehow one fell out of the trash (unlikely) or someone was boning on a balcony/patio very near where cars would drive and park. Risky, but fine. Our grass gets mowed every 4 days. At that time all trash is picked up in the bushes. This could only mean that either the lawn engineers aren't doing their job or someone has been sexing very recently in the bushes...meaning the condom Shelby had in her mouth could have still been fresh.

And I still kiss her. Bleh!

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