Monday, August 01, 2005

Tale from the cousin's weddin'

Racing Stripes = 3/10. Kid movie that just didn't interest me. Except that David Spade was a voice.

My cousin Shannon got married on July 23rd in Aiken, South Carolina, close to where she lives. I "forced" my brothers to take my digital camera so they could record what my cousin looked like in her dress and also any redneck moments. What they came back with were fuzzy pictures and pictures of family members asleep. Thanks, Goeff, but I know what dad and Joshua look like asleep. I've probably taken a few drool pictures myself. BBBBUT!...then there's this picture of the house where the wedding took place:

*Click on picture for more detail so you can see them in all of their glory!

Make this note somewhere in a Word document, ET--"When planning Rachel's wedding, make sure no garden gnomes are in sight!" And yes, you're my official wedding planner if/when I get married.


ET said...

I love it! Maybe those were not really GARDEN gnomes, but the Travelocity wandering gnome and his co-workers planning the honeymoon getaway. I have to say I will be disappointed to not do a gnome-themed wedding for you, Rachel! But I will make a note.

I also note there is one of those little jockey-looking statues ready to hold someone's horse in case they don't have a car. No pics of the bride?

Rachel said...

Pics of the bride and her "lovely" moustached husband are coming. I've gota life now, remember? :)