Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Shaving ≠ Liking

Oh.My.Goodness! Pudding Pops are back! And because I'm graced with living in Tulsa, the nearest store that carries them is more than 100 miles away in Edmond/OKC. Road trip anyone?

Around September 2003, I was discussing a guy I had been out with on two dates with a girlfriend. I basically told her that I didn't have any feelings for the guy at all.

She said, "Well, did you shave your legs?"

"Yes, I did."

"Then obviously you really like him, Rachel."


I then told her that, regardless of man outings, I generally shave my legs every other day, especially since it was short-sleeve weather practically all year long in Houston. I continue this shave pattern in Tulsa, too. I just like the clean feeling and wasn't graced with thin, blonde hair. So, if not every other day, it's at LEAST every 3rd-4th day. Yes, even in the winter. I just don't like the feeling and can't get away with it.

The fact that I would have shaved that day out of habit didn't matter to her at all. "If you shaved them, then you like him." I'm still trying to figure out nearly two years later if this was just an extremely stupid statement or if it's really some kind of underlying Freudian subconscious wisdom. I guess my id isn't under control yet?


kelly said...

I must shave everyday, or it drives me crazy. I do have a friend who shaves 4 times a day. Twice in the morning & twice at night (2 times to make sure she doesn't miss anything. Thought that was going a little overboard.

Rachel said...

If I shave every day, I get MAJOR razorburn and I find that it's not as smooth. Almost like 10% of the hairs need 36 hours to poke through or something.

4 times/day? Tell her they do make good medicaiton for OCD, ok? Or if she's that hairy, tell her I have experience in both laser hair removal and electrolysis.

BKDotCom said...

What would not shaving mean?

Rachel said...

Apparently that I wasn't that into him?

LT said...

I haven't heard the "every day" twist to shaving your legs for guys. What I have heard is that if you shave "above the knee," then that indicates you like the guy.

Myself, I'm liberated. I haven't shaved my legs since high school. Or worn a bra.

ET said...

Not true, LT...you wore one of mine for a brief period of time. And I have the photograph to prove it! I shave at least every other day, whether I like a guy or not. Leg hair is itchy and gross, and girls just shave. We just do. It's hygienic. And if you are a girl going out with a guy on a date and you don't shave...well, that's weird.

Rachel said...

Good girl, ET! I say blackmail photos are a good thing to have.

And speaking of not shaving above the knee, I once had a single friend who would stop at the knew when she was feeling...well, extra frisky. It was her way of telling herself she wasn't going to go to bed with the guy. It never worked with her, either. So I received many many phone calls from her the next afternoon about how she not only slept with him, but had hair legs and other unmentionables and was embarrassed.