Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Same dress, scary boobs

I might have to become a sex maniac! I promise it's safe for work and kids. Oh wait-it's $300. That's like 600 Snickers bars. Nevermind!

This morning dad sent me this email:


i haven't seen you on my buddy list for a long time.
u blocking me?


No, I'm not blocking him. But this far from the first inquiry I've had about never being online anymore. Could it be that I have a life now? *gasp* Well, it is picking up. I'm still the same calm/boring me, though.

This is the same dress I have already posted two times (see here and here). Can someone with bigger boobs than me (that's probably 80% of females out there) please tell me how this "squishy boob look" is accomplished?

And she does this often apparently. Check out picture #1 here from when the Dukes of Hazzard went to MuchMusic studio.

It's darn near the same effect as when a zaftig woman puts on spandex pants that are too short and you accidentally-on-purpose look at her inner thighs. You can't NOT look, right?


ET said...

1. Sex Maniac. I already HAVE all seven DVD sets (Season Six was in two parts), so does that make me a sex maniac? And I have watched them all at least twice. The TBS version sucks. The whole POINT is frankness, not PG rating.

2. Jessica's boobs. As a, shall we say, possessor of some boobage (is that a word? it is now!), I can say three things: First, you can achieve this (if you are less endowed than Jessica's double Ds) with a good push-up bra. Second, if you HAVE the double Ds, you can achieve this with a tight-fitting bodice that pushes the chest in and the boobs up. Third, that shot that you linked to is just sloppy...she is falling OUT of the dress and it is not in any way attractive. Stick with ideas 1 and 2.

Amanda Z said...

I just have a really hard time believing those a double Ds.

Aside from push-up bras and tight bodices, they have those adhesive bra thingies that are basically like strategically placed duct tape.

LT said...

Yes, falling out of the dress is disgusting. Ahem. As for the look, check out www.awfulplasticsurgery to find out how to achieve it.

ET said...

Well, Jessica's FATHER says they are double Ds. And that alone is scarier than her boobs could ever be. But he IS a preacher, or former preacher, so a little incest, perversion, and total general disgustingness as a human being is only to be expected. I have seen Newlyweds, and they are a good D if not a double D. And I should know. And I think they are real.

Rachel said...

Thanks, LT! See...I knew I'd pose the question and soemone would do research on the issue. And this "research" was fun, right?

Yeah, I heard the dad say they were DD's in some magazine or something. Scary!