Thursday, August 04, 2005

I wonder if he used Dawn

Remember when I compained about Dove's "Real Women Have Curves" campaign? (see original post here) Well, lookie here: Farkers seem to agree with me. Read comments and click on where it says "some guy" at the top to read the original article on Yahoo. Or you could just click on where I wrote "original article," too.

OMG! Someone run and get me a towel. Big drool stain on me. Check out Ryan Phillippe's workout photos via tr3nt/Pink is the New Blog. Scroll until you see them. It's not a secret that I've thought he was one fine speciman ever since I saw Cruel Intentions back in 1999. I even used to have comptuer wallpaper when Maggie lived with me. And I don't DO wallpaper!

Vera Drake = 8/10. British movie about abortion in the 1950s. Heavy subject. It left me curious about how abortions are/were performed underground. In this movie, Vera Drake grates soap into warm water and then pumps it into the woman using a Higginson syringe:

Apparently the main purpose of this device is for enemas, but this is the first time I've seen or heard of this device. My knowledge in this area is close to nil. So, she'd squirt soapy water into the woman and tell her: "in a day or so you'll feel a pain down below. Get yourself straight away to a toilet , and it will all 'come away.'" That's also the first time I've heard "come away," used like that. Those Brits! got me thinking about how unsafe it sounded. And indeed it is! You can Google it if you wish.

And Vera's daugher Ethel: what an unfortunate looking woman.

Upon request from brother (red stuff added by me, of course):

(18:43:25) Geoff: hey
(18:44:11) Me: howdy
(18:44:32) Geoff: guess what we just did
(18:44:50) Me: what?
(18:45:03) Me: went to Eskimo Joe's?
(18:45:24) Geoff: you're going to have to blog this
(18:45:30) Me: ok
(18:45:34) Geoff: we washed the roof
(18:45:50) Me: Oh my god! Did you wax it, too?
(18:45:57) Geoff: no
(18:46:05) Geoff: thank goodness
(18:46:16) Me: so, how did you wash it? ON the roof? or just with a waterhose on the ground?
(18:46:48) Geoff: on the roof
(18:47:03) Me: I'm highly amused
(18:47:05) Me: It shall be blogged
(18:47:11) Geoff: i staryed on the groungd and turned the waterhose on and off
(18:47:24) Geoff: ok
(18:47:51) Me: wow
(18:47:54) Me: dad's silly
(18:48:34) Geoff: ya
(18:48:44) Me: I'm off to workout
(18:49:00) Geoff: see ya

Dad always threatened to wash the oh-so-chic metal roof. But he actually did it.


ET said...

"Did you wax it, too"...I am rolling! Hilarious. And you know, if he HAD waxed, it means he likes [the neighbor's house???].

P.S. - I shaved before blogging this. What does that mean?

Rachel said...

Actually, my dad had threatened to wax it, too. What's funny/redneck to you is serious stuff for my family! :)

You shaving before you blogged this means that you have smooth, shiny legs.