Saturday, July 30, 2005

Please don't spit on my food

Rachel loves Reese & Mark. Rachel loves movies.
Mark and Reese are in this movie together.
So, Rachel will love Just Like Heaven.

There is no longer a Tony Roma's on 71st anymore. Not that I care. Logan's Roadhouse opens on August 8th. Smokey Bones BBQ on either the 9th or 10th. Their sign was hard to read when driving 40 mph.

I don't think I can ever go back to El Chico. My friend R has had the worst week ever. On top of what she's had to deal with, her car ended up with a flat tire and she called me to pick her up from Walmart. I did; that's what friends do for each other. R suggested that we eat at El Chico. I'm usually all for this idea except that I had On The Border for lunch and Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast/afternoon snack. No, I don't generally eat like that all of the time. The office was celebrating my boss's birthday. I took R to El Chico. I ended up just getting a Dr. Pepper and munching on their yummy chips and salsa. R got a soda and a cup of tortilla soup. She bought my drink for me because "it's the least I can do because you've toted my ass around." Thank you, R. Total ticket: $8.62. Tip she left him because he gave her 5 one dollar bills for change: $1. I can't go back there. I'm afraid my food will be spit on. Or worse.

During the course of the meal, R had mentioned that she a) wasn't going anywhere this weekend due to all of the icky stuff that went on during the week, b) has ONLY seen season 6 of Sex and the City (blasphemy in itself, I know!). Rachel put these two statements together and I hooked her up with the complete 1st season. This will make for a happier weekend for her.

Tomorrow join me for the "thank goodness I taught my dog the 'drop' command" chronicles.


ET said...

I like your new "currently reading" feature! I am currently re-reading Bobbi Brown Beauty (the makeup artist, NOT that whacked singer -- and I use the term loosely -- dude).

I want to point out that you left off one important bbq joint on 71st and Memorial...FAMOUS DAVE'S. They are the ones who (I guess) drove Tony Roma's out of business and I have no clue why when one goes under we have to build two more in its place. Or is that RoadHouse or whatever something else? I don't know what they serve there, and their building and sign are not helping matters. What I do know is that FAMOUS DAVE'S has great food.

P.S. -- How do you get a five-one-dollar-bill change amount from an $8.62 tab?

Rachel said...

I actually thought that the whacked out singer and the makeup artist might have been the same person. I had no idea!

You are about the third person to point out that Famous Daves is fab. It's on my mental list of places to go eat.

You get 5 $1 bills in change from an 8.62 tab by giving the waiter a $20. I guess technically she got 6 $1...but whateva!

Amanda Z said...

Famous Daves is very good, just a tad bit expensive (nothing TOO ridiculous).
$1 isn't that bad, is it? Sure, it is only like 11 1/2%... but it's not like spit-in-your-food low.
We went to Cheddars with Bob and his bill was $13 and he left $5???? And the service was NOT GOOD.
Maybe I'm just a lousy tipper? I usually leave 2-3 bucks unless it's a more upscale place or they gave great service.