Monday, July 11, 2005

Free Pink Sucks

I got a coupon in the mail Saturday for a free pair of panties from Victoria's Secret. Yay me! Free is great! Right? Wrong! It was for one pair of undies any style from their Pink collection. The color had to be black, white, or pink, though. I chose these in begonia. Begonia? Why can't they just call them pink? Anywho, I'm not even sure they were worth free. The material in the crotch is literally 1 ½ inchs wide, about an inch slimmer than what 95% of other bikini undies are and, as it happens, about an inch slimmer than it NEEDS to be for coverage. I understand if it's a thong or whatever but it's muy uncomfortable and just plain weird feeling in a bikini. They were free, so I guess I really can't complain too much. Don't pay the $7.50 on the price tag.

As of last night, I am officially a subscribing member to Netflix. I have decided I will become a reclusive movie-watching fiend until I get my 160 movies watched. I have all of my movies in the queue and I'm even letting my brothers choose every 3rd movie just in case I can't watch 5 movies/month to break even. So far, I've only come across one movie on my list they don't have, 20 Dates.


chris a said...

WOW! I thought I was the only other person who watched that movie/documentary!

Honestly, I have talked about that movie a few times and people looked at me like I was crazy. So I never brought it up again. I thought that was one of the greatest documentary ever. Next in line would have to be Super Size me.

Rachel said...

I haven't watched 20 Dates yet. I can't find it on Netflix, but I think I know of a few Blockbusters that have it. And as for Super Size Me, movie was just ok, special features were great. The material of Super Size Me = duh! What did you THINK would happen when you did that?

The Corporation and Roger & Me were way better.

ET said...

Better add "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law" to your list of things to watch, even if it's not a movie. You can watch it for free during "Adult Swim" on Cartoon Network, or you can pick up the first season from WalMart or Target or some such.

I don't see HOW you can sit through all of those movies! We watched "Stripes" last night. VERY disappointing. Bill Murray should be shot for doing that movie.

BKDotCom said...

Speaking of Harvey...
Call 1-877-MANBIRD
I haven't yet, but the commercials tell me to.

Rachel said...

That was SO unfair, BK. You KNOW I couldn't resist calling that! And hearing THE WORST rendition of "Take it To The Limit." There's other stuff to do, too. It might make more sense to me if I watched this show. I think I may have seen one episode. It's far down on the list for me at the moment, ET.