Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm a princess now

Easy Street = 5.5/10. I went with the mentee to the last Starlight Concert of the season. They had this Charlie Chaplin silent movie after the concert with an organist playing music throughout. That part was nifty, but otherwise I just don't really dig silent movies.

My new mattress is just marvelous. Mainly because I got one with pillowtop and it makes it about 5 inches taller than my old mattress set. My bed also has bed risers so I can store random stuff under it. Take these two facts into account and I feel like I'm sleeping on a princess bed. All hail the princess!


ET said...

Calling all peas...calling all peas...come in peas....

Amanda Z said...

I used to have a princess bed back in Stillwater. :( My bed now is a sleigh bed with curvy legs that prevents this :(
Booo hooo hoooo