Wednesday, July 06, 2005

warwicktulsa strikes again!

Remember warwicktulsa from a while back? He's back! And apparently he wants more than to just massage/rub me. I'm a little disappointed in the way this conversation ended. I didn't even have a chance to find out his last name, address, or phone number so that people could call him and bug him at odd hours of the night. Nor did he even ask if I was single. Then again, he didn't ask that in April, either. If you're still uninitiated, here is his profile with his picture on it. Again, red is stuff added by me for clarification.

June 6, 2005 conversation:

(17:26:27) warwicktulsa: hey seyx
(17:26:30) warwicktulsa: whats up?
(17:26:59) reharden: Just making dinner
(17:27:30) warwicktulsa: nice
(17:27:33) warwicktulsa: havin fuin
(17:27:56) reharden: So, do you know me well enough to be calling me "seyx"?
(17:28:07) warwicktulsa: maybe
(17:28:17) reharden: maybe? as can't remember?
(17:28:29) warwicktulsa: yeah i can
(17:29:47) warwicktulsa: when can we hook up
(17:30:03) reharden: umm...
(17:30:11) reharden: Didn't we go through this last time?
(17:30:25) warwicktulsa: yeah but i want to hook up with you
(17:30:58) reharden: So, what's "hook up" mean to you exactly? People have different versions of that word
(17:31:10) warwicktulsa: mess around with you
(17:31:21) reharden: And what makes you think I'd do that sort of thing?
(17:31:29) reharden: I look like a slut bongwalla, I guess?
(17:31:45) warwicktulsa: no
(17:31:57) reharden: So, then what makes you think I'd do that?
(17:32:23) warwicktulsa: horny?
(17:33:37) reharden: Are you asking me if I am or are you telling me that's the reason I should hook up with you?
(17:33:44) warwicktulsa: asking
(17:33:57) reharden: But see... you have to answer my question first
(17:34:27) reharden: What makes you think I'm the sort of person that would hook up with someone from the internet for a random no-strings attached sort of hook up???
(17:36:15) warwicktulsa logged out.
(17:36:15) warwicktulsa has gone away.
(17:36:15) warwicktulsa has become idle.
(17:36:53) reharden: Gosh, not trying too hard are you?
(17:38:06) reharden: I mean, if you're going to ask me for something like that, I would have thought that in the very least you would have let me ask a few your name, where you live that sort of stuff
(17:38:17) reharden: but have to go and just disappear. Typical thing to do, btw
(17:38:52) reharden: and, oh yeah, I have a sneaking suspicion that you're still online but are just invisible. Even so, you'll get this when you log back on. (Yahoo Messenger allows this to occur.) This conversation, as well as just like the last one, will be blogged.


ET said...

I clicked the profile, but it is just some guy in he is probably a total dog since he needs to let the uniform do the talking. I won't speculate (at least not in writing!) as to why his screen name went idle...

Anonymous said...

Life is like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you're going to get. You can lead a man to Congress but you can't make him think.