Saturday, July 23, 2005

While the boyfriend is away...

Rachel has a Big Splash day! It was Big Splash day with the group of mentors and kiddos. Doug's in San Antonio watching DCI.

How do you spell hideous?


My day started bright and early with me picking up my mentee's little brother at...umm...a mental health facility of sorts. What a sad place. All I'm saying is that if you're going to have a facility full of children with issues, can you please make the walls something other than cinderblock? It feels like a jail. Anyway, one of the nurses/staff/someone told the boy "I didn't know you had such a pretty mom." And I could only think two things:

-I feel SO unpretty right now with no makeup and these orange flowery Walmart boardshorts that I'm wearing,

-How can you possibly think I'm this boy's mother? I'm very white; he's very black. Even if I had a ½ white, ½ black child, I can only imagine it would end up being much lighter than what this little boy is. Oh wait. I don't have to imagine! I see this somewhat often and the results are a much lighter than this boy child.

But ahhhh...she all called me purty.

Then when we got to the park 20 minutes before opening time (after picking up my mentee), I was greeted by many people that are new to the program. This new guy named Dee (some short variation of a longer Indian--dots, NOT feathers--name) put my wristband on me really tight. I thought nothing of it. In we go and and off for a good time.

It was quite the uplifting experience, I must say. Of the people there, I'd say that about 3% of them actually belonged in a swimsuit. The more I walked around, the more I felt like a skinny person. It was great!

Reality hit when we left the park at 2:00. Despite having put on 30 SPF waterproof sunscreen three times while there, I got a sunburn. And the spot where the wristband's 10 shades lighter than the rest of my arms. It looks stupid!


ET said...

In reflecting on the fact that the nurse person thought you were this boy's mother, I can only wonder how many times his REAL mother has been to visit him. Doesn't strike me as a lot if the staff thinks that YOU are his mother. Unless maybe this person was new.

And I am sure you looked adorable in your orange board shorts from WalMart. = ) Yes, I said it. And even more so for offering your time to do things with kids who are underprivileged. Kudos to you!

Rachel said...

Orange flowers = Massively sexy! Rachel doesn't look goo din orange. While I might not have looked as awful as I thought I did, I certainly looked 10 times better than at least 75% of the people there.