Friday, September 23, 2005

Peppers are my new revelation

Raise Your Voice = 2/10. This movie was very painful to watch because Hilary was not on pitch 80% of the time. John Corbett (Aidan on SATC) was scruffy in this movie, so he added nada.

Let me just say that I am so glad that I moved out of Houston when I did. Even though I didn't live close to the areas that will get most of the damage (map here of where I lived), you can bet your butt I would have been outta there on Monday morning. I tried to call 7 of my Houston co-workers (not asshat surfer, whose Yahoo Messenger away message and Yahoo Group message board dedicated to surfing says he's out surfing this hurricane. Ugh!) and a parent of a student yesterday to let them know that if they needed anything all they had to do was call. Or email. Or show up. On each cell phone all I got was a recording saying "Due to the hurricane, we are unable to complete your call at this time. Try back later." No one answer a home phone, so I'm assuming that they all got the heck out. I did get one email from Wendy C. who is going to hunker down in The Woodlands.

I'm also glad that I took a tour of historic houses in Galveston and that I "forced" my family to take my to the Kemah Boardwalk the day before I moved back to Tulsa from Houston. Ya know, just in case those two things aren't there tomorrow.
You know when you get pizza from most places how they throw a ton of crushed red pepper packages at you? For the first time in my entire life Wednesday, I put some of the peppers on my pizza. And Rachel said it was good. Why didn't someone point this out to me before? I can't believe this void has lasted this long.
Quote of the week [via this VH1 article regarding Britney's new baby]:

Reality TV star Bobby Trendy ("The Anna Nicole Show") told Spears to lay off the breast-feeding. "I would just buy milk," he said. "It's so much easier and less work. Besides, you wouldn't want a lopsided boob."

Yeah, uh-huh. Because you know that the CheetosStarbucks milk squirting forth from her boobies is probably toxic sludge compared to Enfamil.

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FreeThinker said...

If you love John Corbett, you may want to check out my blog post about me seing him and his band live in San Francisco!