Thursday, September 22, 2005

rick786123 just needs a friend's been a long while since I'd had a chat with a...well, I'm not sure what to call this person. Probably because I have been on AIM/Yahoo much less than in the past.

On Yahoo Messenger Thursday, September 22, 2005:

(18:08:03) rick786123: hey
(18:08:15) rick786123: u there
(18:08:18) rick786123: please talk to me
(18:08:27) Me: yeah; do I know you?
(18:08:38) rick786123: i dont think so but i want to make friendship
(18:08:42) rick786123: please
(18:08:43) rick786123: can i
(18:08:47) Me: uhh....
(18:08:54) rick786123: i have no friends in tulsa
(18:08:55) rick786123: i am new
(18:09:05) rick786123: pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
(18:09:28) Me: Tell me how old you are and what you're interested in and I'll tell you where to go to find people of like similar interests
(18:10:01) rick786123: i am 23 male from tulsa and i am interested in talking , going movies and going for dinner with you
(18:10:08) rick786123: lol
(18:10:11) rick786123: hows that
(18:10:21) Me: I have a boyfriend
(18:10:25) rick786123: oh ok
(18:10:26) rick786123: sorry
(18:10:31) rick786123: then we can just be friends
(18:10:34) rick786123: can we pleasee
(18:10:44) rick786123: i will take you and your boyfriend outside
(18:10:49) rick786123: i swear on my expense
(18:10:54) Me: nope
(18:10:57) Me: have a good evening
(18:11:02) rick786123: bye bitch
(18:11:30) Me: Yeah, that totally makes me a bitch for not jumping at the opportunity of a desperate person

Does this seriously work on some women?

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