Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sparkle books

Monster-In-Law = 6.5/10. It was way juvenile in a lot of parts. And what is up with Jennifer Lopez usually playing the role of "pushover woman" in some of her movies? Maybe pushover isn't the word I'm going for here. More like...afraid to speak her mind or lets people run over her at first.

New rule, mommies: If you can add punctuation to your child's name and make it into a meaningful thought, that name might not be the best choice! Case in point [via 9/20/2005 Tulsa World]:

Sparkle Dearmore, 30; John Harrell, 29, both of Sapulpa.

I'm thinking Sparkle, Dear. More!

Wait just a moment. My new rule still stands, but the flashiness of the name Sparkle trumps new rule. Blech! But it was the 70s, what can I say?

Wow! How does Heidi do it? I can only hope that I could look as good as this (click on pic for bigger, detailed version) a mere 6 days after giving birth [via Celebrity Baby Blog]. Unfortunately, I think I'll end up looking like Kate Hudson after she gave birth.

Today is a happy day. The new Jennifer Weiner book, Goodnight Nobody, makes its debut. And y'all know how much I adore both her books and the author. Well, maybe you don't know because I try to keep slightly silent the fact that I've read her entire blog, listened to her interviews online, and totally would have drove 250 miles to either Kansas City or Dallas to see her if she made an appearance on her book tour. I'm only #26 on queue at the library for it, so hopefully I will be reading this book within two weeks.

Speaking of books, Chloe Does Yale is one to avoid. I read it, oddly enough, because my dad brought it to my attention because of Mags. Maggie, my friend from high school, went to Yale and she always had stories about the crazy things that went on there. I thought that this book would enlighten me to some of the finer points of the liberal college experience that I missed. For instance, nekkid parties. The ending was disappointing and the author uses () way too much. Much like how I use"..." way too much. Then again, since I don't have a degree in English from Yale, I figure I can get away with it. Reading this was 8 hours of my life I can't get back. But the author's picture and book cover are cute.


kelly said...

Okay, I know this girl (or at least a girl with the same name). You can also look her up on the Department of Corrections website under the name of Sparkle Potts (her other married name).

Rachel said...

I just put the oscn.net marriage license on there and proof that I wasn't making up the names. I guess it was bound to happen that eventually someone I was poking fun at would be known to someone.

Anonymous said...

lmao! this girl is a ho like no other. shes a "former"meth head... good luck with that.