Sunday, September 04, 2005


Dear Frankie = 7/10. Kids aren't as dumb as we think. I also love listening to accents. This movie was in Scotland.

Netflix received two of my movies on Wednesday and skipped right over the first two movies in my queue, Monster-in-Law and Duplex. I somewhat expected this because Monster-in-Law was just out to DVD this past week and both movies were listed as "short wait" on my queue. What they did next surprised me, though. They shipped one of my movies that day (Wednesday) and didn't ship the next one until Thursday. Thursday's movie didn't get here Friday. I think they anticipated the mail running slower on Labor Day weekend and it's a sneaky ways to keep me from getting as many movies as possible. I still really like their service, though. My average cost per movie is still around $1.39. Much cheaper than going to a Blockbuster. Not as cheap as going to the sell-through movies.

Saturday I got to meet Doug's other grandmother in close-to-the-middle-of-nowhere, Oklahoma. The place where Doug's dad grew up was literally 3 miles from the bus stop and 12 miles to paved road. And I thought my one block trek to school was awful.

After we got back to Tulsa, I suggested going to Señor Tequila. My cousin Maggie and her husband Jason said that they had great cheap food and big huge margaritas that were heaven. I can't speak for the margaritas, but on the rest I would have to disagree. The only thing I did like about this place was the fact that they had a whole portion of their menu devoted to a la carte items. The a la carte items are very reasonably priced. This is great for me because I never end up eating my rice and beans that come with the meal. Doug and I both got one beef chimichanga and one cheese enchilada. They struck out with us, though. Here's why.

Strike 1: They had a live band playing. They were fair at best. What makes it strike one is the fact that they were super loud and played only tacky songs: Macarena, Unchained Melody, etc. Instead of enjoying the music, I sat in our corner and laughed. I can only imagine what Doug, the one with a music degree, thought of them. If you can't speak English well, please don't attempt to sing "timeless" American classics.

Strike 2: No soap in the women's bathroom.

Strike 3: Eyelash (or something that looked like an eyelash) in the cheese sauce.

Strike 4: The chimichanga was fajita meat instead of ground beef. That would usually be great except the meat also included grilled onions. We're pretty sure that the onion factor wasn't advertised on the menu. I was able to pick around the onions, but Doug won't go anywhere near them and sulked for the rest of the meal, annoyed for having to pay for something he can't eat.

I think this has taught me to trust my cousin Maggie for hair advice (she's a hair stylist), not food advice.


bkdotcom said...

psst: onion = standard mexican foodery ingredient
grilled: bonus

Rachel said...

Just remember, BK: not everyone is excited as you are about the onion. Or The Onion. Or Green Onions. Or grilled onions. :)

LT said...

I never liked Senor Tequila. It seems pretty bland and cheap (not in a good way.) I've lived in San Antonio and California where they do Mexican food right, so when it's flavorless like Tequila's is, it's not, in ET's words, a "comer-backer." Plus, I'm pretty sure their salsa is Pace. Why would I want to go out for food I could get at the Piggly Wiggly?

ET said...

LT, I must ask you to refrain from using the words that begin with P and W and denote what I will loosely term as a grocery store. Ever. Period.

As for Senor Tequila, while I cannot speak about margaritas (as I hate them), I do like one of their menu items AND I have no issue with their salsa. I strongly recommend that you visit the 51st and Harvard restaurant as opposed to the newer 71st street version. Cheap and good, regardless of LT's post. And can we really trust someone who shops at PW?

On a separate note, we have done movies, movies, movies this weekend. Since you are ever the movie buff, I will relay the following:

40 Year Old Virgin: 9.9/10. Hey, nobody's perfect, but this movie comes damn close. F-ing hilarous...and we've seen it twice.

Anchorman: 6/10. Some parts were almost funny, but I am glad we didn't buy this one. I did like seeing some of the 40 Year Old Virgin cast again, though.

Final Destination: 6/10. If it is true that death's design skips a person when someone intervenes and saves his or her life, then Tod would not have been the first off the plane to die. This movie has some startling items, is intensely graphic, and is way over the top in terms of plausibility. A reach, even for Hollywoodites.

Final Destination 2: 6.5/10. The neighbors made me watch it. Better than the first FD in terms of plausibility, but still WAY out there. Not as scary, but very graphic. If you want to see what a person would look like being killed in the most brutal, horrifying manner possible (or not really plausible in this case), these movies are the way to go.

Because of Winn Dixie: 8/10. We needed a good heartwarming movie after all the blood and gore, and this one almost did the trick. Really a little more bleak than a true chick flick, but somewhat moving in the end. And the dog is cute.

Onions: 10/10. But that's not a movie. Big fan of the onion here.

Rachel said...

I don't believe I've ever stepped foot in a Piggly Wiggly. In fact, I didn't realize that Tulsa had a few until June.

I liked Señor Tequila's salsa. If it was Pace, I didn't realize it.

40-Year-Old Virgin is on my to see list. Can it really be "f-ing" hilarious if the movie is about virginity? Hah. I crack myself up.

I saw Anchorman and gave it a similar rating. See movie ratings page.

I will not be seeing either Final Destination...unless you and LT decide to let me sleep in between you for 6 weeks with the light on.

Because of Winn-Dixie is on my to see list. I read the book about a two years before the movie was realeased. I loved the kiddie book. I had no idea this movie should ever be lumped into the chick flick category. I thought it was more of a family/children movie.

While there may not be a movie called "Onion" there IS one called A Whiff of Onion. Does that count?

Amanda Z said...

Also an onion fan, previously unaware of Piggly Wiggly in Tulsa!!! We used to go there when we lived in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

Onions are fine...I really do not mind them that much if they are diced small and sparse, however, my problem is that if you are going to include onions that are three inches long and slimey, you need to advertise this on the menu.

I also agree with IT, the food was very bland, as a native of CA the Mexican food there is far superior and, believe it or not, onions are diced very small if included in the food item at all.

ET said...

The dreaded "PW" grocery store apparently arrived in this area (taking over the equally bad Super H) within the past year. I will grudgingly admit that I got brave and did set foot in one since it is less than a mile from our house. It is dirty, overpriced, has almost NO selection (although it does carry Dasani Lemon Water, which I cannot live without--but which is also available at WalMart), and they are still using REAL checkers at the front. And what I mean by REAL checkers is that they have to key every item in by hand and manually run your credit card. No scanners for them. Who knew such things still existed? Fortunately they are adding a Reasor's in the very near future, and Target will open this fall. I need to go buy some onions.

ET said...

Oh...and a movie about virgins can indeed be VERY, VERY funny. But only if played by Steve Carell. I am buying it the moment is comes out on video.

Rachel said...

I didn't say it couldn't be funny...f-ing would denote there was lots of f-ing going on...and the title says virgin. I was trying to make a lame funny.

Hobby Lobby also doesn't use scanners. They check you out all by hand. It's some religious thing.