Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bass Pro Shop

The Dish = 4/10. I don't understand how it has a 7.3/10 on IMDB. It was just pretty darn boring.

Netflix helpful tip- New movies are released to DVD/VHS on Tuesdays. I had read an article on Hacking Netflix that said new releases actually get shipped out on Monday because when the movie arrives in your mailbox, it will be at least Tuesday. I decided to try it. Much to my surprise, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants arrived in my office suite today, the day it was released. Yips. This requires careful timing so that Netflix receives a movie back on Monday.

This weekend was two-for-one. This is also a common redneck site around here, though slightly less obvious:

I can't really knock people for liking Bass Pro Shop. I have never even been in one. Although hunting/fishing/whatever else happens in a Bass Pro Shop isn't my cup of fun, whatever someone chooses to do with his or her free time isn't really for me to judge. After all, I have many habits one might consider extremely odd. I will, however, tell you that if the bumper sticker is bigger than your head, it doesn't belong on a vehicle. And who loves a retailer so much that they advertise on their car for free? Ok, so I do see that a lot, but at LEAST the other bumper stickers I see advertise a "cool" brand (e.g., Oakley) or entertainment (e.g., Disney World). At least make it a non-redneck retailer.

My trusty camera skills while driving were down this time. I failed to capture the bumper stickers on the right side of the glass. One was a TINY breast cancer ribbon. It looked very out of place on this Gone Fishing Piss on Work/Bass Pro Shop car.


Becky said...

I'm glad to know that Netflix is still shipping new releases like that.

ET said...

So how was Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? I saw it at Sam's yesterday and considered buying it, but resisted.

Also, I have been to the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, MO. Mark (the ex) thought it would be a fun outing for the kids back in the day (and when he was living in Joplin...no idea if he is still there). It was really big, and there was a rock climbing activity going on out front for the kiddoes...I remember mine wanted to give it a try but I think he chickened out. Funny when you look at the obstacle course where he is now. Anyway, there were some interesting sporty sandals, as I recall, a lot of worthless crap, and a restaurant called "Hemingways" that might be worth checking out. I think there was also a man-made waterfall with little craggy cliffs and goats living inside. Big fan of goats (have you seen Saks' new advertising campaign???). I don't know if the one here will have the same stuff, but it's worth a look if you do ANYTHING outdoors. I don't fish or hunt, but I have been known to at least go outside to check the mail. Ha ha!

Rachel said...

If ET says it's worth going to, then it must be. I feel very confident that you wouldn't lead me into redneck traps.