Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Lipgloss Trap

This morning I'm took a survey and one of the questions asked:
"Now thinking about everywhere you shopped over the past 3 months, indicate the total number of videos, either for yourself or someone else you...

Rented- DVD or VHS tape."
They're kidding, right? I don't think they understand who they're askin'.
BK stopped by my apartment for like 5 minutes last Saturday to drop off some Zip disks. He remembers little details about yours truly and ends up gracing me with material things I generally appreciate. Sometmes, these things are a little on the bizarre side. Silently into the apartment he walks with the bag of disks, smiles slightly, and then hands me a ½ empty tube of Lancôme Juicy Tube in Miracle.

Me: Umm, where did you get this?
Brad: I [pauses] found it in the parking lot at my gym.
Me: [trying to keep a straight face and failing miserably] That is...really disgusting.

BK shrugged, looking slightly put off by the fact I thought it was so icky. How could I refuse, though? I mean, what guy goes out of his way to stop in a parking lot, looks down at a shiny pink object, and thinks, "Rachel needs that!"?

BK, that's who.

What I didn't tell BK was that in the last month, two of my girlfriends have raved about this exact brand of lipgloss.

  • A. told me last time we walking at LaFortune that one of her students' mommies surprised her with 3-5 of these one morning. She was thrilled. SHe went on to describe why she liked the gloss so much.
  • W. told me she was having a particularly emotional day and started crying when she accidentally dropped a brand new tube of this stuff in her toilet, lid off.
  • I'm pretty sure ET will tell me her thoughts after she reads this as she has used every cosmetic product known to woman.
Figuring that the fate gods were looking directly at me, I whipped out my best piece of Kleenex and scrubbed away at the tip.

Did I stoop? [Rachel shows you her large toothy smile]

Do I love it?'s alright. I won't be spending $16.50 of my own money on the stuff.

After all was said and done, I thought about this event. Wait just a minute! It's a trap. I'll bet that instead of innocently looking down at the parking lot and thinking I needed the lip gloss because he was being nice, BK probably found the stuff in the parking lot and thought, "I bet if I give this to her, she won't be able to resist using it. Then she'll blog about it. How gross would that be if she really used it?!"

I'm mighty predictable.


BKDotCom said...

ya.. this needs backstory..
If I see something shiny on the ground, I pick it up. I determine it to be in pretty immaculate condition considering.. I also assume it was dropped by one of the many Jenks cheer and/or pom girls that frequent the gym. I cant rightly toss it back on the ground, that would be littering! I figure my makeup blogging friend Rachel could always use some sparkly found-on-ground teeny-bopper gloss and sto it away in 60/40 joke/thoughtful intentions.

Amanda Z said...

Here's what I'm wearing (makeup-wise) today:
-BareEscentuals BareMinerals and Mineral Veil (
-Cover Girl "Sea Glass" Eyeshadow trio (3 shades of green-- haven't worn green eyeshadow like EVER)
-Loreal Double-Ended Mascara that makes your eyelashes TOO long so I only use the one end.
-Loreal Colorjuice lipgloss in "Panther Pink".

... I feel pretty :)

ET said...

Amanda, I am wearing BE, too. But with Bobbi Brown color. Rachel, that is sort of gross. At least you wiped it off first (try alcohol next time, too). I don't think I could swing that, but I have tried makeup counter gloss, does that count? Anyway, about the Juicy Tubes...I don't care for them. They are thick and sticky, and they tend to be scented which, unless it is the MAC vanilla, I cannot STAND. Your money is better spent elsewhere. BUT YOU WORE GLOSS! I AM SO PROUD! (Miss lip biter.)

Rachel said...

The gross factor is why I blogged about it. :)

I found it to be sticky, as well. Didn't meet my expectation. But at least it was free.

See..I KNEW you have tried it.