Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lopsided am I

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants = 8/10. I cried a few times. It's a girlie girl movie, so no watching it with a straight man.
Two major "man accomplishments" this week (but he doesn't see them as a big thing at all):

1) I managed to convince Doug into going to Babies R Us and Target to buy baby gifts. Actually, he didn't need "convincing." I just told him I wanted/needed to buy baby gifts for some friends and he was alright with that. Melikeslots.

2) I also convinced him to help me make a diaper cake. I assume this will be the most artistic thing I have ever created given my lack of fine motor skills and creativity. I will post pictures when we're done making it. Pictures might be a while, though. A's not due until mid-January, but I decided to start buying little (little size-wise) things on her registry now so that no one can take the good stuff. The little things will be stuffed into the cake. Buying things now will also give me enough time to figure out how to arrange the diapers on my silver platter. I feel so brave.
Earlier this week I walked into work and insted of the usual "good morning" I got an "Uh, Rachel? You are a little lopsided."

First thing that came to my mind was some awful bra problem. I didn't EVEN want to look down. Then I thought critically about the probability of a boob being lopsided. I quickly decided that, waitjustaminute!, I don't even have enough boob or padding in my bra to be lopsided. So wha...?

"You are only wearing one earring."

Indeed. What kind of absent-minded morning was I having?

Methinks I need more sleep.

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