Monday, October 24, 2005

BB vs. NF in Tulsa, OK

Touch of Pink = 4.5/10. Since I now have friends on Netflix, I decided to get the one movie in the "Gay & Lesbian" genre out of the queue because I am neither gay nor lesbian. Read this description for the movie. Sounds like it has huge potential for awkward & funny scenes, right? Unfortunately, there were few. It was amusing, however, to see Kyle MacLachlan as Cary Grant. You get to see Kyle in a bathtub. It was hard for me to watch him and not think "Trey can't get it up, tee hee." (see here for one of many references)

I am completely insane. I caught wind of a month-long free trial offer for Blockbuster Online and promply took them up on it. This means I might have 24 movies coming at me in the next month. Even though Blockbuster gives you two free in-store coupons to be used during the month, I am already not that impressed. Comparing the two services thus far:

Of the 20 movies I have on my Blockbuster queue (selected almost randomly from my Netflix queue), there are 4 "short waits" and one coming soon. The movie that is coming soon was released in April 2005.

Of the 103 movies on my active Netflix queue (these are the ones you can see on the RSS link to the right-that does not include movies that are yet to be released in my saved section), I have:

3 Short Waits (The Skulls, Identity, Saving Face)
2 Long Waits (Kicking & Screaming, Mallrats)
1 Very Long Wait (This Divided State)

Three of those were released within the last month, too. I also doubt that Blockbuster will meet my expectations because their nearest distribution center is near Dallas, some 250 miles from me. The last time I went to a retail Blockbuster, the CSR told me that they were shipping them from local stores. We shall see. If you want info on the code, send me mail.

My overriding thought about this experiment? I don't care too much about Blockbuster's service level when it's free. I convinced BK to sign up for BB, too. It will be interesting to compare our experiences.

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Amanda Z said...

Ooh Ooh I want some free video rentals!! Can you send me the code?