Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The Longest Yard = 4.5/10. I don't like sports. I actually fell asleep the first time I tried watching this with Doug. On a Friday night. Before 11:00. I feel so old.

Bewitched = 7/10. Gotta love Netflix for shipping it out to me so I was able to watch it ON the day it was released to DVD. Forget about all of the plot issues. It's just a cute movie. Favorite line: "Let's make love in a candy factory." That thought had honestly never occured to me. This movie doesn't really get cute until about ½ into it. Before that point I was thinking, "Rachel you haven't really liked a Will Ferrell movie yet, so why did you want to get this one?" And he does do some stupid goofy stuff, but it evens out in the end.

Behold, the pumpkin the mentee carved:

I was responsible for one of the eyes and the place that's messed up to the left side. Even a 12 year old has better fine motor skills than I.

On Thursday, the mentee and I are going to her very first ballet. Since the mentoring program is part of a charitable organization, all sorts of places donate stuff to us. Generally when this happens, we get the "leftovers." For instance, we all saw Peter Pan in June. It was in the nosebleed balcony section. When we all went to a Drillers game, it was in the "Spirit Section" (a.k.a. in the sun/free section). I figured that this case would be no different. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the tickets and found we were in the Orchestra section on a very good row. Not too close, not too far away. Being in the orchestra section for a ballet means two things:

1. If I fall asleep, one of the dancers might notice,

2. I will be able to see moose knuckles in vivid detail. I haven't decided if that is a positive thing or not.

Doug also suggested that the balcony and/or mezzanine section(s) might not be open for the ballet. I prefer to think that the awesome tickets were given just because someone was feeling nice.

* Ump-a-num is what one of my brothers (I think Geoff) called pumpkin when he was a tiny tot. He couldn't pronounce pumpkin. Ump-a-num has stuck ever since.

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Amanda Z said...

We carved those foam pumpkins from Hobby Lobby this year. They look weird when they're carved. We're carving our real ones on Friday I think.

Hey email me what apartments you live in? I always wonder when I look at your pics but can't figure it out.