Saturday, October 22, 2005

Gimme Turtles, Not Pom

I am so glad that Pomodori's didn't work out for Doug's birthday eating place last weekend. It was "my turn" to choose where to eat tonight and I chose Pomodori's because I still wanted to go from last week and I had heard nothing but wonderful reviews from friends and co-workers. Doug had Linguine Carbonara which was delicious! I had chicken marsala that I thought was ok, but when Doug took a bite of it he darn near barfed back onto the table and ended up having to spit it in his napkin. It tasted fine to me, but I don't know any better. Service sucked. Dr. Pepper tasted werid. Bruchetta is good, but better elsewhere. Atmosphere was pretty nifty, though. Doug was never asked if he wanted a refill on his iced tea. I asked for a to-go Dr. Pepper, but our waitress said they didn't have lids. WHA? I'm quite certain I am not the first person to ask for a to-go soda. It took forever to get our check because our 6 month pregnant waitress was apparently taking a smoke break outside. Nice. I might have to go back to have some of that carbonara, though. The yummyness of it totally makes up for the crap service/Dr. Pepper funk.

Earlier today, I went to Doug's grandmother's house for her birthday. Since Doug's dad has like 8 siblings, there were many people to meet. They were all very nice to me and all appeared to be calm, stable people. Unlike when I visit my paternal grandmother's house, no one asked me why my boobs were small, told me that my legs were fat, told me I was fat, or made me roll my eyes (for me, that's done in response to someone saying something incredibly stupid). Nice family people = concept I am not all too familiar with when it comes to my dad's family. My mom's side just isn't big enough and her two siblings are in Texas and NJ.

In the very least, I've decided that I have to stay with Doug if only because his aunt makes some kick butt melt-in-your-mouth caramel turtles. Incidentally, the aunt's name is the same as my mom's real first name, but spelled differently. Loralee vs. Lauralee. That's not a common name, either. Very bizarre.

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