Thursday, October 20, 2005

Recycled vest at da fest

I will seriously pay someone to clean the inside of my back windsheild. I cannot seem to get it clean. It's like it has this layer of permafog on it or something. And it's driving me insaner! The apartment is relatively bare with all of the furniture stacked in the laundry room, clothes closet, and kitchen. One would assume that I possess the raw intelligence to grab out tomorrow's clothes before stacking furniture in my closet. I ain't be, tho. Now I can't reach anything in there. Eh, I'll figure that out tomorrow morning. The brothers chose to go to Cheddar's. They have the biggest chicken fried steak that I have ever seen in a restaurant.

I went to Oktoberfest with my family + grandma + mentee tonight. If you go and aren't planning on drinking, make sure to go to the ID place. You can sign a designated driver thingy and they give you a wristband that has coupons for two free sodas. Also try to catch the 200 pound belly-baring belly dancers. I wish I were kidding.

Four things of minor Rachel significance happened:

1) Remember the transgendered/transvestite person I saw back in May? Shim was at Oktoberfest running a trailer full of carnival yummies. It's not that I have a wonderful memory- you just don't see many trans anything's in Oklahoma. Except for transfat. We have a lot of that here.

2) I opted not to get a ride pass, but I did want to ride one thing. As I went round and round on the Scrambler, I got a little too dizzy. I loved this thing when I was under 15. This time the only thing I was thinking was "Damn, I am too old for this." I'm pretty sure my neck will hurt tomorrow.

3) I was talking and walking with my daddy around the rides and this guy in a group came up to me and asked me if I was single. IN FRONT OF MY DAD! I don't think Dad heard, but he definitely saw the guy ask me something. My dad looks related to me, too. I'm going to forget the fact that he looked like he was around 19 or so. Positive thing: I was only wearing concealer and minimal BE foundation. My hair was all gross from being outside. I was definitely looking "rough." ET, perhaps guys are less intimidated by a makeup-free face? Maybe when we don't wear make up they think "well, she's not that pretty, so I can ask her out?"

4) This was the first time that my mentee has met my family. My dad is quite a jovial guy, always laughing and goofing around and he interacts very well with kids. There were a few times during the night that the mentee saw my dad hug me, get close to my face (to tell me something over the noise), etc. He even bought her some cotton candy (from the transgendered's trailer). On the way back to mentee's house...

B: Is your dad always that nice?

Me: Pretty much. Why?

B: He make you feel scared sometimes?

Me: Rarely. If he cries and I know something is wrong, then I'm a little scared at why he might be upset. It usually means someone is hurt or dead or something. Other than that, I don't think I've ever really been scared around him.

B: He just, I dunno. I've just never known a guy that was that nice. Most old guys (adults) don't never pay attention to me. You know, actually...I don't think a man (adult) has ever loved me.

I can't even imagine. I cried half of the way home.


Amanda Z said...

I feel that way about Aaron's dad sometimes. Like "WOW he's nice... are all dads that nice?"
Aaron's dad is also very respectful towards me and my opinions, which my dad never was.
I get this little happy jump inside whenever he says he agrees with me or I'm right.

ET said...

I have to ask why your furniture is all stacked in your whatever rooms...are you having carpet cleaned? Did I miss something? Have you gone minimalist?

I think that your mentee's comment is quite sad. The part about asking if you are afraid when your dad gets close to you suggests that maybe there was some sort of "inappropriate" male behavior in her past. But the fact that she is exposed to some of the kinder aspects of society and families via contact with you is very positive. Perhaps what she sees when you interact with your family will lead her to someday having a healthy relationship with a man. And again, I think you are awesome for doing this mentor/mentee thing.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we don't realize how lucky are those persons that have or had a warm, close family relationship. I wish everyone could experience a solid family environment at least sometime in their lives.

Rachel said...

I had my carpets cleaned Friday. You did miss that in the post previous, I suppose. I think if I were to go minimalist, I would move the furniture OUT of my apartment instead of on the tiled areas.