Monday, October 31, 2005

Throttle City

The Door in the Floor = 6/10. This is the story of what could happen after a bad accident. Amazingly, Jeff Bridges seems to stroll around nekkid in his home more often than I do. Also, I can't even imagine what it might be like to accidentally drink squid ink.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman = 8/10. I don't know what you were smokin', Kelly. This was a fantastic movie. I got all teary-eyed in two parts and laughed throughout the whole thing.

I ain't got no odd today. I do, however, officially have throttling experience. I think.

Today I received The Skulls and Easy from Netflix. True, these two movies aren't exactly the hottest thing going right now. I would have expected that a distribution center closer to me than Spokane, WA (The Skulls), and San Jose, CA (Easy), would have one of these two movies. It's all a little suspect to me. The Netflix DVD slipsleeve says "Lost an envelope? Return two movies in one envelope." hmm...I'm receiving a movie tomorrow from the Oklahoma City distribution center. I wonder what might happen if I put the Spokane, WA, movie in the OKC envelope with the OKC movie. Will they both be received at the same time or will Netflix ship it back to Washington before it's officially received. I think I'll have to ask Becky and Mike to see if they know.

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