Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Honey, do I have a big butt?

Mystic River = 10/10. I cried about three times.

Read the first sentence of this article. Doesn't that just add insult to possible injury (if you were getting the shot because you were sick)?

Can you imagine the sinking feeling in the doctor's office when the nurse tells you "I'm sorry, Ms., but your ass is so fat we have to use a bigger needle."

This is why I exercise. This is why I exercise. This is why I exercise. Actually, it's not why I exercise, but it's a good reason to start exercising if you have a crippling fear of needles. Big needles. Big enough to go through your fat ass. hah!
I made my weekly library trip last night to pick up DVDs that had arrived for me. The way it works is you go to a huge shelf where all of the items on hold sit until the patron comes to pick them up (or until the deadline for holding it passes). You look at the sticker on the spine and find your name. So, I'm going through...Hammer, Harris, Halsey, Harden! Right there. And there's one item that has my name on it, but it was this movie, clearly not mine. The librarian wouldn't tell me if there was another Rachel Harden in Tulsa or if they had just marked it wrong. I can't look up the name because it's possibly a child.


Amanda Z said...

See anything for Ziegler on that shelf? Hehe.

You know all you had to do to check was try to check it out at the self checkout. If it was reserved for a different library card number, it wouldn't have let you check it out. If they mistakenly were holding it for you, you'd be able to check it out. I know this because Aaron had a book being held for him and I couldn't check it out for him at the self checkout thingie. But he could.

Rachel said...

I never have the opportunity to use the self checkout because most of the DVDs have to be unlocked. But, good idea. If I ever see a BOOK on the shelf for Rachel Harden, I'll totally try it.