Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Peep Hole?

Prozac Nation = 8.5/10. My neighbor Giselle came over and we watched this together. She rated it 7.5/10. It would really suck to have crappy parents. There were a few things I didn't understand/struck me as odd. 1) The movie opens with Lizzie sitting nekkid on her bed. And then her mother walks in and Lizzie continues to sit there and have a conversation with her mom. Now, I love my mommy, but I've never been nekkid in front of her for an extended period of time. It just seemed like an odd relationship. Maybe that was the point of that scene. 2) What was supposed to be wrong with Rafe's sister? 3) When Lizzie is talking to her dad about paying for her medical bills she says something like "...It's 10%. It's nothing. I won't cost you a thing. You just have to sign the papers..." What is she talking about? Public assistance? We had no idea.

Support Your Local Sheriff! = 7.5/10. I think this is one of the few western movies I've seen in my entire life. Very funny and very clean.

Silver City = 6.5/10. Slow, but amusing. Especially since it's almost like watching the real president when he makes a speech.

Upon recommendation, Doug and I went to El Tequila at 81st & Memorial Tuesday evening. It looks a little shady on the outside, but it's pretty nice on the inside. Very reasonable prices, great service, ok with getting what we ordered. I asked for no onions and there were onions in my chimi con queso. However, I'm not entirely sure the waiter understood what I meant because wen I asked him if there were onions and he said no. Maybe he thought I wanted them put on? Ay any rate, their chips and salsa were fan-freakin-tastic. Doug got a combination platter with a 1 taco, 1 enchilada (I think), rice, & beans. Even though he said the food was ok, he ate everything on his plate and told the waiter it was "reeeeeally good." I'm pretty sure he's never told that to a waiter in my presence before. After the meal came the scary part: the bathroom.

I make an effort to go to the bathroom at all restaurants. Usually I do this to see if the bathrooom is unique and because I want to wash my hands before I eat. So, I'm sitting down doing my business and I look up. There is a picture on the wall. Above the picture and to the right there is a very suspicious-looking hole in the wall. A hole that looks like it was made for the sole purpose of peeping. Judging by the "now open" sign on the outside, I'm not sure this restaurant has been open long enough to acquire holes in the wall like that. I can't remember how long this place has been open. I hope Juan wasn't watching me when I was in there. Even if he was, I'm going back to this place.


Giselle said...

Although I don't like Mexican food, I have eaten at El Tequila (it's on Memorial & 81st, right?). I thought it was pretty good, comparatively.

The movie was good, but I was confused too. Especially about the naked thing. Odd.

Surely you didn't watch that Western movie after I left at midnight??

Rachel said...

The movie reviews are deceiving. What is listed on a post is what I have watched between posts. So, those three movies were watched sometime between Wednesday and Thursday. I generally put the more interesting ones, or the ones I have questions about at the top.

Furthermore, you can be guaranteed that I'm not going to lose sleep over a WESTERN movie!