Thursday, November 03, 2005

Surprise, it's blood!

Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again = ?/10. dammit! Doug and I went to Blockbuster last weekend and we got the Ron White DVD and what I THOUGHT was the Blue Collar Comedy Tour RIDES AGAIN. I watched the original BCCT more than two years ago right after it was released to DVD. All throughout this stand-up, I kept thinkng "I've heard all of these jokes before and seen all of these skits. They really didn't try hard to make the second one any different. Oh well." AFTER the entire movie, I took out the DVD and realized that it was the original BCCT DVD that was stuck in the CASE for BCCT Rides Again. So, I spent 1.75 hours watching something I had already seen. I'll be off to Blockbuster tomorrow to exchange for the intended movie. It had better be for free, too. All was not lost, though. Doug had never seen BCCT and I got to spend a majority of the time cuddled up with him.

In general, I like surprises. This week while I was driving home from work, I got an itch right inside my nose. So, I scratched (not a pick, a scratch). A few seconds later, it itched again and my nose felt like I had developed a very runny nose. Imagine my surprise when, while in traffic, I rubbed just the tip of my nose, put my hand back on the wheel, and realized my entire finger was bloody. Wonderful. I did what any person who didn't want stained clothes would do--napkin up the nose. It stayed there until I got inside my apartment. I did get a few strange looks on the way home. Oh well. Next time I get a bloody nose in public, I think I'm going to have to use a tampon. Mainly to see what reactions I get out of people.


ET said...

Again, I refer you to Sex & The City...the episode where Steve comes back to Miranda's apartment because he forgets something for the baby and walks in on Miranda having sex with the doc. The doc cuts a tampon in half and stuffs it up Steve's nose to stop the bleeding after Steve turns to run out of the room and hits the door frame face first. I am going to write a book called "All I Ever Needed to Know About Life I Learned From SATC."

And Rachel, please, please, please stop encouraging rednecks to think they are funny.

Rachel said...

Yeah, I remember that episode. I never thought the tampon bit was an original idea. I would just like to see people's reactions.

So I a redneck if I think it's funny stuff?

ET said...

I don't think it is an original idea, just funny that I am frequently able to relate SATC stuff to your posts. As to whether you are a redneck for liking that stuff, I don't know. I can't bear it. Then again, I am a snob. = )

Amanda Z said...

I just got ink all over the wall of my cubicle and somehow removed it all with wet paper towels.

Rachel said...