Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Track Time

Easy = 3.5/10. To all of you women out there who think you've been in the crappiest relationships with every bad man out there, watch this movie. I've had some doozies, but nothing compares to what she has gone through. She has so much baggage from prior quasi-relationships that I don't see how she could ever be in a normal relationship. And...boobies, sex, boobies, lesbians.

I received an email yesterday from a person asking if I knew of a website that lists the length of songs.

Because I am in the habit with this person to answer the question at hand without really questioning why I am answering it until later, I start my search. The biggest names selling CDs online left me blank. I emailed him/her back, asking why he/she needed to know how long a particular song was. I also mentioned the fact that, unless he/she was looking for a particular song on a particular CD, it was likely that the track times would be a bit different due to remixes, etc.

The next email said that he/she owns a Jerry Clower (comedian) CD and there was a particular coon hunting track he/she wanted his/her students (that'll narrow it down for you a tad) to hear, but wanted to make sure it wouldn't take too much instruction time.

He/she thought me pure genius when I suggested sticking it into approximately 90% of CD devices out there and just read the track time at the end.

I was highly amused.


Amanda Z said...

Coon hunting.

Hey, I need a good facial moisturizer that will minimize pores and help with breakouts (which, by the way, have reduced SIGNIFICANTLY since my intro to Bare Minerals!!!) Right now I'm using my Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci body souffle but it's really not for faces. Any suggestions?

ET said...

Yes. The new iPod. Oh wait, that's not a facial moisturizer. But really, get one anyway.

As to facial moisturizers, I still stand by my original iOd moisturizer (no relation to iPod, but sort of interesting...just noticed it). Dior makes iOd Hydrasorbet Aquatique and you can purchase it through Sephora. It is like a water souffle. So is Philosophy's "When Hope Is Not Enough" although I don't care for the fragrance (but start using Philosophy's makeup remover "Purity" and you will probably get good results). On the cheaper side, you might consider the new Aveeno moisturizer that "balances" (the official name escapes me right now, but it can be found at Target). "Dramatically Different" moisturizing lotion from Clinique is also very popular. I am using this right now because I have hella samples of it and ran out of my other stuff. I have found that the $120/oz La Mer "Miracle Broth" is too heavy for my skin (someone sent me a tiny sample jar). Or Bare Escentuals does have a moisturizer product which I have not tried, but if you purchase it through QVC you can use it for a month and if you hate it, return it for a full refund.

[P.S. -- If you are interested in the iPod and you are a college student, go to the AppleStore and click "education discount" (bottom right corner) and when it verifies your university e-mail you will get money off.]

ET said...

Re your actual post, Rachel, has LT's mother begun teaching and I missed it?