Wednesday, December 21, 2005

X - 2 (Pimpin' the Lie-berry)

I made out good at the family Christmas. And my brothers are now in iPod heaven. One more Christmas to go with Doug's family tomorrow evening.
It's a brilliant plan! My immediate family is leaving to go to Vegas Friday. We always drive on vacation. In fact, my dad's never been on an airplane. For these road trips, my family takes no less than the lap of redneck luxury.

This is "Hoopty"--1997 Ford Club Wagon:

Ahh, it just wouldn't be quite the same redneck picture without a trash receptacle partially obstructing the view of Hoopty.

In normal mode, Hoopty has four bench seats. She can hold a total of 15 passengers legally. For vacation mode, the third row of bench seats is removed so that there is a large area to spread out. What fills this area is another redneck contraption: a 13" TV, complete with DVD player and pillow to prop up the TV such that it tilts toward the bench. Pictures of this will be added at a later time because it's funny. Some silver box at the front of Hoopty provides the TV power. All I know is that my brother will say "Dad, turn it on", a loud "wheeeeee" noise sounds, a flip is switched, and the ghetto TV works.

The wheels of my mind began turning a month or so ago--let's see, the library will check out a maximum of 5 DVDs to each card...there's 5 of us...sounds like a load of entertainment on the trip. Plus, I can upgrade my Netflix subscription to have 8 movies out at a time until my next billing cycle.

I asked my brothers after the wheels had come to a screeching halt to tell me what movies they wanted from the library. Geoff told me one, Joshua told me zero. Naturally, the movies I chose had to be movies that wouldn't get me in trouble since mommy and daddy are nearby. So, I methodically went through the AFI 100 lists, choosing movies that either sounded like they had a plot we all might enjoy or movies that are "classics" that we have not seen (e.g., West Side Story).

Today was "everyone go to the library to pick up the movies" day. Imagine my surprise when directly after the library trip I receive a phone call from Joshua (who requested zero movies, mind you).

"Sissy, we got all of them. And they all look like they really suck."

We just can't have nice things, can we?

Not my fault!

Total movie count for the trip:

Netflix: 6
Blockbuster Online: 3 (one from my account and two from the e-coupons on the family account)
Library: 21

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