Friday, December 23, 2005

X - 3 = 0

The stressful part of Christmas gift giving is officially over. Doug's parents gave me a really nice set of Calphalon cookware. Apparently I can no longer get away with only having my two $9 dollar silver pots and two hand-me-down skillets (complete with non-stick surface peeling off. Probably something that will make me sick) anymore. I'm definitely inspired to be brave and cook some stuff now. First up: Giselle's fantastic super secret grilled salmon. Cooking a random meal out of a recipe book once a week will be one of my goals for next year. (Doug/Giselle: Get yer tastebuds ready for what might possibly be some nasty creations in upcoming months.)

The westward trip to Vegas and Santa Fe begins at 17:15 today. My goals for this trip:

1) See a famous person. Take a picture of/with/near famous person. Truth be told, my real goal would be for my brother to take a picture of me pirouetting behind a famous person. It would make for a much more interesting picture compared to the standard "stand beside famous person while he/she touches your shoulder" pose.

2) Buy the most tacky gift I come across in Vegas. Give to Doug.

3) Avoid breaking or losing my resplendent diamond necklace Doug gave me for Christmas. I think he felt slighted by my failure to mention this new sparkling aquisition on my postings. This necklace is the first piece of "fine/nice" jewelry I have ever owned.

4) Figure out a use for an iPod in my life. My brothers now both have one of the 60 gb video ones.

5) See a Vegas show. I've never done this before. I'm thinking of Penn & Teller or one of the Cirque shows.

6) Eat an In-and-Out burger, fries, and shake.

If an internet connection is present, I will blog during the vacation.


Anonymous said...

You can always have your picture taken with Elvis. Problem is deciding which one to get the photo from.

Enjoy your vacation!!!!

Rachel said...

I meant a real celebrity/famous person. Not a sad person dressed up LIKE one.

Mags said...

I have had a most difficult time actually FINDING an Elvis Impersonator in Las Vegas. If you see one, take a picture for me because I want to know where the hell they are.