Friday, February 10, 2006

The Stain Highlighter

You know it's busy around here when I'm going nearly a whole week between watching movies and I haven't posted. So, what have I been doing exactly?

Tuesday my family surprised me by asking if I was going to Dewey to see Joshua perform in an honor band. Josh made it in an honor band? First I heard of it. So, after some schedule rearranging that involved cancelling dinner with Giselle, I met my family in a parking lot to head up to the land of relocated oil companies. 100 minutes of driving for a 25 minute concert was totally worth it because I got to see Doug. For whatever reason, I didn't expect the band teacher (that would be Doug, remember) to be there.

Wednesday Doug and I went to the mall where I made a formal judgement: it just looks weird seeing two moderately attractive, well-dressed men walking out of Victoria's Secret with purchases. It's none of my business, I know. One of them might be buying his wife a teddy for V-day in the hopes she will model said item for him. And maybe the guy just needed moral support from his friend. Maybe. But all I could think about was the two guys going home and modeling lingerie for each other. And no, Doug and I didn't go inside. We were walking back from F.Y.E. to my car parked outisde of Dillard's. I wouldn't want to "ruin the image" you have of a public school teacher.

Thursday I left from work to take my mentee to see The Sleeping Beauty. Ballet. The first 20 minutes were great and then I just wanted to go home. No such luck until 9:45, when it actually ended. SOOO long.

After our mall-going experience Wednesday, Doug and I came back to my apartment where I discovered three new dog barf spots on my carpet to match the two acquired from a month ago. This time the culprit was a bag of Chewy Sweet Tarts I accidentally left out. Previous spots were Abuelita chocolate drink mix Shelby found in the trash. Not a problem! I'll just try the Heloise trick of mixing laundry detergent with hot water, put it on the stain, and wipe off. The results were wonderful last night. Today, I have stain highlighters on my carpet:

They'll probably come up with lots of water poured on the spots. For now, it just looks silly.


BKDotCom said...

You mention Chewy Sweet Tarts without linking to my site? Snubbery!
Omitted Link

And Resolve carpet cleaner is what you want.

Rachel said...

It wasn't that kind of Chewey Sweet Tarts, though. It was a bag full of the mini ones. The tube you have of the mini ones isn't what I had.

I have Resolve carpet cleaner. It did not work on my Shelby barf.

giselle said...

Wow Rache. It's worse than I had pictured when you originally told me about the stains. :/

Maybe you should rent a carpet cleaner from the grocery store and hot water the crap out of those stains. :D

Is crap a bad word?

Rachel said...

The stains right now just need some hot water and gentle rubbing. It'll take forEVER to get it all up, though.

Rent a carpet cleaner? Puh-lease, I'm too cheap for that. I'll figure something out.

Crap is one of those words that could go either way depending on audience, I suppose. Like, I'm sure I would have never said it when I taught third grade.

Anonymous said...

Did you actually pay for the tickets to the ballet? Did your mentee like the show? It sounds like you were being tortured.

Rachel said...

No, I did not pay for the tickets to the ballet. Many of the "cool" activities I do with my mentee (e.g., seeing an NBA game, eating at Incredible Pizza, many things at the PAC) are donated through charitable organizations. I am most gracious as I have been able to attend many events I would not have otherwise.

My mentee said she liked the ballet.

I love ballet, but this was really long and I was beginning to get ill (although I didn't exactly know it at the time) so I was just cold and uncomfortable. And it was LONG.

Erik said...

You're one lucky gal! I've knew people who have successfully removed carpet stains by just using hot water and laundry detergent. Unfortunately for me, it doesn't always work on my carpet especially with those stubborn stains. I usually need to call in professional carpet cleaners (Kansas City, MO based) to remove the stains completely. Thankfully, there are many affordable services of carpet cleaning in Kansas City.

Hope you get them all out soon! Good luck!